The Journey Podcast

The Journey Podcast 4: Felicia “GeeChee One” Rivers

Felicia Rivers bio

Felicia Rivers is a independent filmmaker based out of Charleston, S.C.  In two years Felicia has produced over 8 projects and has just finished wrapping up her first full length film “Treasure Box “.  Several of her projects can be found on Amazon Prime under her company name Geechee One. Recently after signing a worldwide distribution deal with Maverick Entertainment  Felicia has three films on Tubi including TRAP FLIX  party,  Sugababies, and Treasure Box. Geechee One Films has played in several different film festivals throughout the world and has even won a few awards. Felicia Rivers also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from Claflin University.

GeeChee One Films:
Popping Up:
Treasure Box:
Suga Babies:
Lilith’s Ball: 7 Deadly Sins Coming May 2022
Trap Flix Party:
Party Until You Die:
For More Information On Felicia Rivers & GeeChee One Follow Them On IG: @GeeCheeOne

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