The Journey Podcast

The Journey Project Podcast (Ep. 20) (feat. Miss B Haven)

Let’s get right into it and we get some sneak peaks of Josiah’s upcoming video for Freak Me, releasing on December 10th. Then we go to a music video performance by Miss B Haven. She describes herself as an energy and how she does things a little different. She has been doing music for 20 years and started off very young. She speaks on her adoption and how her upbringing has influenced her life and career. They discuss her entire career trajectory and the various bands she has been in and how her music has evolved. From her story I see a lot of synchronicity guiding the way.

She also discusses the transition from solo artist to being in two bands and how it’s been touring and being in the background. We take a quick break for the spotlight video of the week. They get back into Miss B getting to her dreams and how she is on a detour of sorts right now. A big point is made as to how some people get famous over the people who have talent. She talks about her work with Creative Space and the impact on her and others. After discussing her work and what is coming next fro Creative Space we hear her top five big artists and top three local artists.

The conversation about misogyny in the industry and. how some people will switch up the moment they get on stage. Negative vibes are not welcome around Miss B and her team. She is also a teacher and her students keep her motivated. We delve into her teaching and how it impacts her students and herself. She gives us a lot of sound advice that you just have to watch and hear for yourself. The future is bright for Miss B Haven and we cannot wait to keep up with her.

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