The Journey Podcast

The Journey Podcast

The Journey Episode 2 (Chalant)

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Born From The Cities Of Southeast WI. Chalant Diversifies the Hip Hop Genre By Creating His Own Wave. In Addition To This, Chalant Explores Areas Of Rock, Pop, R&B & Multi Cultural Sounds In His Music. He Has Voice/Vocal Range That’s Resonates And Separates Him From Various Artist. It Is Certainly Difficult To Place A Tag On This Great Artist. Still Quite Frankly, Chalant Is A True Creative Force And Is Always Moving Forward In His Music Career.

The interview is laid back and begins with some background questions such as how Chalant got into music, his inspirations, and how he got his name. We then get into his recent project B.O.B. and where he would be without music. Chalant also has several other talents outside of music and is very multi-faceted as we come to learn through the interview. It felt more like a conversation between two friends instead of a hard-hitting interview. Casual can often be better than formal settings.