Steven Rosenthal Rapper’s Delight

Smart devices and home assistants are taking over our lives. So it is only right that they start making music together. The 40th anniversary of rapper’s delight just passed and although we are a little late for the promo it is still something you guys need to check out. I love the way everything was put together. Keep reading to learn more about the creator. Take a listen here.

A YouTube video of the three devices “performing” the song can be seen here:  


On September 16, 1979, the Sugarhill Gang released the classic song “Rapper’s Delight” and introduced hip-hop to new audiences worldwide. And just in time for the song’s 40th Anniversary comes a new cover version with a 2019 twist — this  version features the voices of three popular virtual assistants, Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

Kicking off the track is Apple’s Siri, doing the opening verse originally performed by Wonder Mike.  She then throws it to Amazon’s Alexa, who does Big Bank Hank’s notorious 2nd verse. Alexa hands off the song to Google Assistant who raps the longest verse (originally performed by Master Gee), before throwing it back to Siri to take it home.

Despite the expert flow and irresistible disco-rhythms at play in the track, aspiring rappers shouldn’t fear that their efforts be replaced by machines any time soon, because these virtual assistants can’t exactly make hit records on command just yet. The song’s producer, Steven Rosenthal, took about a month to coax the correct lines out of the digital devices and manipulate their cadences in Logic Pro X to perfect their delivery.

“Rapper’s Delight” by Siri, Alexa, & Google Assistant is now playing on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, and Deezer at the following links:


A veteran television comedy editor, Steven Rosenthal has edited work for Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Comedy Central’s The President Show, Netflix’s The Break with Michelle Wolf, and Netflix’s The Characters.  More info and clips are available at

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Quentin Arispe I’m That Bitch

What Does Melly Starz Think

I love how the beat starts, it reminds me of an old joint. It’s a very catchy and fun track that just makes me want to dance (even though I have two left feet). Meta adds his flavor while still keeping the song light and airy. This is definitely an empowering anthem. “I’m that bitch, watch me fuck it up”, is my new anthem. Quentin has a unique sound and I am looking forward to all the doors that will open due to creative efforts. The song encourages you to be yourself and I am all for it. Being yourself can be challenging for some and to have an anthem that you can connect to can make all the difference. Thank you Quentin Arispe for being yourself and encouraging us to do so as well.

Press Release: Quentin Arispe Releases New Single “I’m That Bitch” Ft. Meta With Tastemaker Americano Label

(Corpus Christi, TX) – Fast rising artist from Corpus Christi TX, Quentin Arispe is dropping their newest track “I’m That Bitch” today and it is fire! The self proclaimed genderless queen comments, “This single is an anthem for self identity; it’s a song that you can scream cry in your car at 4 am, twerk your life away at the club, learn in a dance class, or sing when your wife is at work. I’m not here to push my ideas and lifestyle on you, I’m here to help you understand and love yourself, ALL OF YOURSELF.” The new song will be available everywhere you stream music!

The new song was created earlier this summer at Americano Label’s studio. The song writing and creation process just hit and the collaboration flowed effortlessly between featured Americano Label Artist Meta, Quentin and Grammy award winning producer Mariano Herrera and El Dusty. The new song takes Quentin sonically in a new direction singing and rapping over fun and catchy trap beats but with a solid message, ““I’m that bitch” and that ANYONE can be too!” comments Quentin.

The new EP will be dropping with Americano Label, an imprint started by El Dusty, Latin Grammy nominated DJ and producer, with the mission to bring various Latin styles to the forefront of dance music. “We are super excited to work with our homie Quentin on this heater!  And the EP is loaded with amazing sh@*!!!” comments El Dusty, label owner and producer.

Reflecting back on his process and musical journey Quentin says, “Being a Queer artist of color, most times our music doesn’t reach a large community of people because of social issues and close minded individuals. My goal is to break that by creating a song and music that is digestible to anyone.” The new song is the first single off Quentin Arispe’s new EP ‘Garden’ due out this Fall with Americano Label.

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