Hip Hop Probs Episode 1

On the newest show Produced by Melly Starz, she teams up with local experts to discuss topics related to what they feel is lacking in the Miami Hip Hop community. This time she teams up with Contemporary Hip Hop artist Shaheed and artist manager Kenson. They discuss topics such as lack of support, promotional campaigns, artist image, blogger support and promotional issues among several other topics. This is a generalized episode and on further episode we will go more in depth into some previously mentioned topics as well as bringing up new topics. If you know or feel that you can contribute to this new series let us know. Also send us your thoughts using #hiphopprobs on Twitter. Your tweets may be featured on the next episode.

Enjoy and let us know what you think is lacking in Miami Hip Hop

{New Music} I’m a Star by Shaheed


This fast paced melody reminds me of playing Rainbow Road on Mario Kart. I can’t help but bob my head. In this song Shaheed takes me back to those cold winter days in Chicago when I would sit in the game room and play video games and watch old school Cartoons with my cuzzos.

Now don’t get it twisted this song is not all about the good old days but that is where it takes me back to and for that I thank him.

Shaheed has this gift, which shows in this song, to take the unexpected and relate it current day to day life occurrences.

My absolute favorite line from the song is “treat the people like friends of mine”.

I can’t help but chuckle throughout this song. This song seems to be Shaheed’s declaration that he is indeed a STAR[Z].

Don’t believe me take a listen for yourself and let me know what you think.

Also stay tuned for the music video which I believe I might make a cameo in. [crossing my fingers]

Stay tuned.

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Twitter: www.twitter.com/shaheedworld