Sleep-Boi Gotit: An artist who exudes confidence

Sleep-Boi Gotit is an artist from the Miami area who is making major moves in his career and trying to establish himself in the music industry. He draws his inspiration from those around him. He also looks up to the greats such as Biggie and Tupac. In the future he would like to work with T.I and Juvenile. His stage name shows how much confidence he has in his craft because he’s got what you need when it comes to music. He is currently working on his mixtape titled “Perfect Timing.” He is also about to release his official first single “She all up on me.” In the future he sees himself very successful not only in the music industry but also as a business man with books, clothing lines, movies among other things.

Below you will find his official biography from his website:

“Born in the famous Dade County of Miami Florida, Sleep-Boi GOTIT is looking to establish himself as a true original. So many artists claim the MIA as their home, but they originate from other states, or even countries. It’s time to find out what a real Miami artist is all about. Being raised in the hood, there was always instances to remind Sleep-Boi GOTIT how bad his situation really was. Poverty, drugs, gangs, these were part of his daily life. No father around, brothers that were in and out of jail, he took it upon himself to be responsible and to take care of his mother and sister. He was just another underprivileged youth. That was until he started really listening to rap music, particularly artists such as The Notorius BIG, Tupac, Nas and others. These artists’ story telling ability and how they used their life experiences triggered something. Their delivery and swagger and of course their lifestyles made Sleep-Boi GOTIT consider music as an avenue to pursue. He wanted to tell his life story, and show how the next generation can accomplish their dreams through God, hard work and faith. With a must win attitude and a lot of sacrifice, Sleep-Boi GOTIT started to make a name for himself. He has established a true fan base, not easy with so much competition. He pays attention to artists like Jay-Z, T.I., Lil Wayne and others on what they are doing and looks to accomplish several goals. One of these is creating his own corporations to include music, fashion, television, food and more. When not on his grind, Sleep-Boi GOTIT is either on the basketball court, taking in the latest movie, or at his favorite Caribbean or soul food restaurant. Because of how he was raised, he is also a true family man, spending time with loved ones as often as possible. It’s 2013, and new breeds of hip hop artists are emerging. You’ll hear the name Sleep-Boi GOTIT for years to come!!”

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T-Free: A Hip-hop Fashion Mogul

T-Freeloves music and fashion and those are the two areas of the entertainment industry where he is focusing his talents. T-Free started rapping in middle school in 7th grade. His friends started to notice he had talent and made sure he knew. He then started to build on his newfound talent and started to notice that he loved it.  His stage name also came from his friends. It is a combination of his name. He wanted his stage name to encompass his name and fit his persona. His clothing line is a separate entity from his musical endeavors. T-Free always wanted to own a business but never knew in what field. One day he was sitting there thinking and he realized he had a big interest in fashion. He then started creating shirts and a name for the company. T-Free creates most of the designs himself and has been establishing his company. The company name is Macaw Bayz.
T-Free draws inspiration from everyday life such as movies, quotes or things that he sees somewhere. He also draws inspiration from other entertainment and other artists. Some artists that he is inspired by include Kendrick Lamar, Lupe Fiasco, Drake, Wale, Lil Wayne, Currency, A Tribe Called Quest, Big K.R.I.T. and Wiz Khalifa.  His genre of music would be mainly hip-hop but also some songs that have a pop feel to them.
Aside from his growing clothing line, T-Free currently has a collab mix tape out with Fresco. He also has a solo mix tape in the works. In the future he sees himself continuing to do music and become a successful artist with a much bigger fan base. He would also like to have a more established clothing line in stores. In the future he would also like to travel a lot in order to see the world.  Wherever the road may take him, he will always continue to expand his clothing line and music.
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