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My Funko Collection Part Two: Harry potter

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It’s time for part two of my Funko Pop toys collection. This is all about the Harry Potter pops I have. Let’s get right into it, first up is Ron with the howler. Next up is Hermione as a cat, from when she fudges up the polyjuice potion. Finishing off the golden trio is Harry Potter with the prophecy. All the pops I have of the golden trio are of them from a movie scene. I don’t have them just plain and chilling yet.

Next up, is our favorite house elf Dobby (also my dogs name). The cuteness is real with this one. I am dying to get the 10′ pop of him. Then of course, Sirius Black as none other than…Padfoot.

Now on to the duo Funko Pop! sets I have. First up is Lord Voldemort and his faithful follower Bellatrix Lestrange. They actually don’t look so mean and scary here. Next up is Harry and Dobby, when Dobby came to visit Harry after his arm was messed up during a Quidditch match.

Next in the collection are the big Funko Pops! These things are so big and there is literally no logical place to put them. Fun times, still on the hunt for Dobby tho. So first we have Ron on the chess peace, a memorable movie moment from the first movie. After that we have big old Hedwig doing his thing as the prettiest owl we’ve ever seen.

So those are my Funko Pops! right now, I already added a few more to the collection in the time it took me to edit and post these videos. December brings the Harry Potter advent calendar which brings one recap video each week. Then after Christmas I’ll bring an updated collection video because who knows what we find during the holidays. Stay tuned here for those videos.

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Ultimate unboxing box

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The Gamestop exclusive Ultimate Unboxing Box was a great surprise. Mine was anyway.

So they had two boxes green or pink. After getting 4 we realized the pattern was Green is Five nights of Freddy and Pink is Kingdom Hearts. I was shocked at what I got in my first box. Let’s review:



Was not expecting to get a Sora Pop! on my first try but I did. This is a great addition to my growing Kingdom Hearts 3 collection. 

Next, the pocket keychain was a bit disappointing for me since I really don’t know how Webby fit into this box but there she is. She is a little cute tho.

Now this was super awesome, an exclusive Vinyl Figure. It’s a heartless!

Here is another mine that I wasn’t too excited about but he has been added to the collection as well.¬†Lastly, I got a cute little pen. I absolutely love the pen, it’s a nice touch.

All of the Kingdom Hearts boxes had one of the above items which is a great deal for only $10. Not sure how long these will be in stores but I was lucky enough to get one and witness the unboxing of three others.