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Revol Humble Beginnings

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Revol Offers LA-Inspired Vibes on Debut EP‘Humble Beginnings’  

Press Release: Provided by Revol Management

They ask me why I do it, I say for the bag.


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Young Shadow: A Truth Spitting Performer

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At the tender age of 8 Young Shadow fell in love with poetry. This later translated into his love of music. He always had an interest in rap but it was never in the forefront of his endeavors. It wasn’t until his brother went to prison that Young Shadow became inspired to really pursue rap. He wanted an outlet for his brother and a way to help support his family. Another thing that his brother had a hand in was his stage name Young Shadow. This name was his brothers originally but he has taken it and made it his own. Young Shadow’s brother of course isn’t overjoyed by it but is still supportive.