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{Song Review} Everybody by Sleepboigotit

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This song is very relevant to the entertainment industry as a whole. I give you a look into what I feel it means. You get my immediate reaction, no scripts or preparation just a real reaction. I was not asked to do this so do not inquire about the potential. I did this because I reacted to the song and I felt I had a lot to say about it. Let me know what you think and keep those submissions coming. You never know I may pick your song to be the next reviewed on video….


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{EP Review} Lost In The Days EP by Nels

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Nels is originally from New York but has made  Miami a second home.He has been working towards the release of this particular project for about two years. His music is influenced by a wide variety of artists and genres from greats such as Nas, Kanye West, Mos Def, and The Roots to something more than just hip-hop with latin and rock being some of his favorite kinds of music.

SO let’s get right into my review.

2. The Joey Maddlove Interview: After the FM channel changer we finally found our station. This song is like an introduction to Nels. At first we hear the radio host talking about a giveaway to go see Nels this weekend. Then a smooth beat comes in and we finally hear Nels who comes in like a breathe of fresh air. It is a short song but you truly get to see what kind of artist Nels is and get to learn a little bit about him if you listen closely.


3. Do You: Her we have another smooth beat with a positive message. “You’re gonna shine if you want to.” He talks about how he wishes his family could see how far he’s come. Regardless of what struggles you’re going through you can make it through as long as you do you. I love the message in this song and feel like you become connected to Nels struggles through this song.


4. The Letter: This is a story about writing letters to his fam in jail. Nels updates him on everything happening on the outside. Each verse is a new letter, which brings about more updates. This is an unfortunately true story for so many people out there.


5. Not Gonna Change: In this song he uses some notable hip-hop references. The chorus throws me off a bit. I understand what he’s going for with the chorus but I am not sure it was properly executed, but I’ll let you be the judge.


6. Mic Check, Don’t Stop: This song makes me think of going to a block party and wildin out. My favorite line from the song is, “A party ain’t a party if you ain’t got hip hop music.”


7. D.R.E.A.M: Now we come to the final song off the EP. For the first verse I was wondering what D.R.E.A.M stands for and in the chorus I finally got my answer. Can you guess what it means??


Overall, you can see how much creativity went into the project.


Don’t believe me take a listen for yourself:




Twitter & Instagram: @NelsTheArtist
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EP Review “Meyday Hansen – Rabbit”

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Meyday Hansen presents “Rabbit” an 8 track EP mostly produced by Hansen featuring guest production from Mr. Alexis, guest verses from Untamed, Cashis Stone, & Luni Lovin of Silent Hand, & a piano solo from Stoned White Elephant. The underlying concept of the Rabbit EP is context & self awareness which Hansen neatly hides under 808 drums & loud statements. (Provided by Meyday Hansen)


“Sanitizer” the beat sounds triumphant and is produced by Meyday Hansen himself. It is an amazing way to start the EP. It is his introduction into who he is and what he is all about.

“Black Vans” is definitely a song to get crazy to.

“Show off 2” which features Untamed and Cashis Stone who you should know by now from other segments on my site. The trio together is definitely a good fit. They know how to compliment each other.  The chorus is catchy in saying,  “I aint showing off, I’m just that good”

“Vegeta” is a sort of call to rappers questioning if they’re as good as they are. Are they better than Meyday Hansen. At the end of the song we change up the beat

“Jella” is a little smoother than any of the songs up to this point.

“Acid Petals” is a very explicit song to say the least. The beat is a very dark beat that combined with the lyrics takes you on a trip.

“CHillin” is about a chillin with a girl who’s got a man. By chillin we mean a lot more obviously.

“Angry Meday Hansen Song” is an amazing way to end the EP. It has a mellow spacey beat, which doesn’t need too many lyrics for you to feel the music.

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{New Music} I Know What U Looking For By Shaheed

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Single Release


On December 3rd local Miami Hip-Hop artist released his latest single on iTunes. The song has an upbeat tempo. The song is a story about a friends with benefits relationship. Shaheed is telling the girl that he is exactly what she’s looking for. He can please her in any way she wants.He isn’t like other guys who can only talk the talk but can’t handle it when its time. The song is full of catchy lyrics and quick witted rhymes.

Shaheed has been doing music for 10 years in between going to school and serving in the military. He was originally born in Detroit, MI but now lives in Miami, Fl. In 2012 he released a couple of projects to start building a fan base and buzz. Which has proved to have worked because he was recently featured in “Music Connect Magazine” as well as on a satellite radio station called  “SHADE45.”