Hip Hop Probs Episode 1

On the newest show Produced by Melly Starz, she teams up with local experts to discuss topics related to what they feel is lacking in the Miami Hip Hop community. This time she teams up with Contemporary Hip Hop artist Shaheed and artist manager Kenson. They discuss topics such as lack of support, promotional campaigns, artist image, blogger support and promotional issues among several other topics. This is a generalized episode and on further episode we will go more in depth into some previously mentioned topics as well as bringing up new topics. If you know or feel that you can contribute to this new series let us know. Also send us your thoughts using #hiphopprobs on Twitter. Your tweets may be featured on the next episode.

Enjoy and let us know what you think is lacking in Miami Hip Hop

Getting King Docious to L.A

Let’s help get a local artist get to L.A and spread his music and represent Miami on a muuuch bigger platform. Every little bit helps. The link to donate is below.


Here is the audition video that got him his spot to get to L.A to compete. So let’s all chip in a little and get him there.

For more info contact the man himself