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{New Music} E.P Review: Ivory By: StonedWhiteElephant

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StonedWhiteElephant is a multi-talented artist. He incorporates drums, piano, rhymes and synths into his music. He makes alternative Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, and Jazz. He is definitely a breath of fresh air on the Miami scene.


Where do I begin with this E.P. Well from the beginning of course. The intro goes in hard. As does the next record off the E.P. Next is “Viva la Struggle” sounds like a personal track. The beat is slower than the first two and talks about a particular situation.  The “Fucked Up Interlude” was about love. “Lesbian Bitch” has a dark slower beat to it but is definitely an interesting track. In “Letter” we get to hear some Spanish love sayings.

Next up is “Lemons” which touches base on society in general. It talks about religion, the personas we keep up, and inner struggles. “Mommy’s Song” is about the relationship he has with his mother. It is such a nice song and shows how much his mother has been there and all that she has done. The last song is titled “You Know” and is the perfect way to end the E.P. He leaves us with something to look forward to.


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{New Music} Mixtape Review: Sex Music & Demons by Untamed

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Untamed is from Miami, born and raised, he originally started in a group but life had other plans for him. Untamed now has a full team and fan base behind him. He also has a live band. Untamed has a few upcoming projects in the near future but what we will be focusing on is his promotional tape titled Sex Music & Demons.


This mixtape is like nothing I have ever heard before. It has a mix of Dubstep, Hip Hop and even Rock. It blends original beats and remixes. There are a few songs that focus on sex; one of these is “Feeling Sexual.” The track titled “The Evils Around Me” is very powerful. It talks about the evil and struggles that different people face and how it is in every city whether or not you wish to see it.

One of my favorite songs off the mixtape is “Over the Edge.” It sounds a little dark but I was definitely very into it. Another song I really enjoyed was “Ecstasy.” I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride. This song was executed amazingly. Immediately after a trip through “Ecstasy” we go  “Youth.” This is another one of my favorite songs off the tape. It may be a long song but I love the words to it. To end the mixtape we get to hear a “Dubstep Cypher.“ Which is just that, several artists having a cypher.

This tape is definitely something to listen to but I must warn you it is a little long with 25 songs. I would recommend anyone looking for new music and a mixture of genres to check it out and of course to continue to follow Untamed.

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John Lewis the Fifth- Sikka School

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Here is the latest video from John Lewis the Fifth titled “Sikka School.” He is a rapper/Producer from Miami. Along side him on this track is Dino (Dino_Sbhw), who is another up and coming rapper from Miami, and is currently working with the SBHW group.

This video takes us back to school around midterms and exams where you become so sick of school you just want to leave already. The song has a very unique sound and is a song you can definitely bob your head and vibe to.

Dino Ft. John Lewis V – Sikka School

(Dir. Roberto Mario)

Produced by Slow Architect

Sponsored By Hard Work











Instagram @JohnLewisV & @Dino_Sbhw

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