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Kingdumb, ‘Rave In My Bedroom’

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Nobody can stop Kingdumb being so fearless, and with ‘Rave In My Bedroom,’ he proves his class once more. The new EP is the hitmaker’s first collection of songs in 2021, and it’s a testament to him experimenting with his creative toolset and going against the grain.

Each track offers something unique, and the EP as a whole provides something for everyone. Furthermore, with an exciting bass and groove rhythm that is difficult to ignore, the first track, ‘Rave in My Bedroom,’ pumps the endorphins into shape. ‘Brown Skin Soldier’ takes a different route, with a more DnB-influenced soundscape emerging. Meanwhile, with an unconventional movement, ‘Click Click CLasck’ enters a domain of its own. The EP’s final track, ‘Kill Very Many,’ seals the deal with its futuristic vibe.

Speaking about the lead single, ‘Rave In My Bedroom’ from the EP, Kingdumb said: “The track makes me feel energetic overall. I like the 90s vibe on the breakdown; it reminds me of my hometown and gets me nostalgic thinking about music that influenced me growing up. I love sub-bass frequencies too, so when the drop comes, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy (unless it’s playing on a small system with no true bass!). Also, from the moment the speech kicks in, I know what’s coming as I’ve heard it so many times now, so it’s like I’m programmed to feel energetic when it starts playing.”

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780 Masochist, ‘Memories’

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780 Masochist is the versatile hip hop musician circling the scene with his new release, ‘Memories’.

It’s a track that goes against the grain and adds a new dimension to modern mixes. Furthermore, 780 Masochist explores the hip hop area, and he bestows riches with his excellent production and vocal skills, which he flaunts as he progresses through his performance.

‘Memories’ begins with a distant, dreamy synth introduction before transitioning to a backbeat and 780’s indelible vocal delivery. With his framework, 780 Masochist is thinking forward, and all elements and components fluidly synergise ahead of the following part. In addition, the diverse range of influences that 780 has absorbed throughout the years outline the way forward, with a variety of styles and sounds evolving along the way.

Speaking about the new release, 780 Masochist said: “Reminiscent. During the pandemic, like most people, I felt uneasy. It was pretty common for a lot of committed relationships to dwindle during this time. Especially if they lived on the other side of the country. So naturally, things occur that lead to just emotional disaster. I remember I would stay cooped in my apartment for two weeks at a time, with just paranoid thoughts. I remember telling myself, “Your discomfort is a choice, find a way to conquer it”. And that’s when I looked at my mic and decided this is the best way to dispel these unhealthy emotions.”

You can take a listen to ‘Memories’ by 780 Masochist below.

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Untold Poet, ‘Don’t Understand’

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Untold Poet is back, and he smashes his way forward with his latest release, ‘Don’t Understand’. The rapper, who is also a BBC Introducing ‘SOUND OF 2021’ artist stuns here with a performance which confirms his talent.

The Essex based rapper delves into a topic which means a lot to him. Furthermore, he uses his platform and talent to influence society with his words bursting out with the truth. His story touches the heartstrings, and his melodies seep through leaving an indent. He speaks about confusion within his mind; he is unsure why there is hate and inequality in a world where people need support.

The instrumental adds a sturdy foundation to the entire track. The music adds even more spark to the flame and every sound which appears compliments, Untold Poet’s vocal. Also, the arrangement is innovative, given that it arrives just that little bit different. Furthermore, search around the hip hop space, and it will be doubtful that you will find a track with as much colour as this one coming from the backend. The beat brings a new dimension to modern rap and hip-hop, and it captures a sense of what Untold Poet is all about as a person. He is not afraid to delve into a new corner, and he pushes through with his vision.

Overall, ‘Don’t Understand’ is an epic release full of nail-biting hooks and poignant lyrics. It is also potentially the rappers most compelling expression yet, and with fans already flocking far and wide to grab a listen, it will not be a surprise for this one rise to rise echelon over the next few months.

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BeckMilli, ‘Gotham’

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BeckMilli lays out her goals in her new release, ‘Gotham’. Furthermore, the London aspirant speaks for the generation who wants to push out and break the mould.

‘Gotham’ kicks off with a memorable intro with a piano melody that sounds frightening but exciting. The piano lead plays through for the majority of the piece. For me, I would enjoy for a little more variance because it can become somewhat repetitive, mostly if you are not concentrating on the story in which BeckMilli presents.

Nevertheless, BeckMilli raps with conviction, and she leaves no room for any dissonance with her rap bars matching the instrumental impeccably. Also, her tone is refreshingly unorthodox with her proving unique from the very start. However, I would enjoy more harmonies along the way. Yes, we hear a male vocalist popping up from time to time to lend a helping hand to make a few words even more powerful. But, for me, it is not enough. I prefer a few changes in the back end of the vocal mix, giving it more flavour and allowing the excitement to keep flowing.

Overall, ‘Gotham’ is a poetic gem. I relish how it arrives just that little bit different, and although BeckMili has taken influence fro the greats including Cardi B and Giggs, she still brings something fresh to the table. Her ability to fuse several genres into once is also impressive with her drill influences percolating from the get-go.

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