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{EP Review} Lost In The Days EP by Nels

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Nels is originally from New York but has made  Miami a second home.He has been working towards the release of this particular project for about two years. His music is influenced by a wide variety of artists and genres from greats such as Nas, Kanye West, Mos Def, and The Roots to something more than just hip-hop with latin and rock being some of his favorite kinds of music.

SO let’s get right into my review.

2. The Joey Maddlove Interview: After the FM channel changer we finally found our station. This song is like an introduction to Nels. At first we hear the radio host talking about a giveaway to go see Nels this weekend. Then a smooth beat comes in and we finally hear Nels who comes in like a breathe of fresh air. It is a short song but you truly get to see what kind of artist Nels is and get to learn a little bit about him if you listen closely.


3. Do You: Her we have another smooth beat with a positive message. “You’re gonna shine if you want to.” He talks about how he wishes his family could see how far he’s come. Regardless of what struggles you’re going through you can make it through as long as you do you. I love the message in this song and feel like you become connected to Nels struggles through this song.


4. The Letter: This is a story about writing letters to his fam in jail. Nels updates him on everything happening on the outside. Each verse is a new letter, which brings about more updates. This is an unfortunately true story for so many people out there.


5. Not Gonna Change: In this song he uses some notable hip-hop references. The chorus throws me off a bit. I understand what he’s going for with the chorus but I am not sure it was properly executed, but I’ll let you be the judge.


6. Mic Check, Don’t Stop: This song makes me think of going to a block party and wildin out. My favorite line from the song is, “A party ain’t a party if you ain’t got hip hop music.”


7. D.R.E.A.M: Now we come to the final song off the EP. For the first verse I was wondering what D.R.E.A.M stands for and in the chorus I finally got my answer. Can you guess what it means??


Overall, you can see how much creativity went into the project.


Don’t believe me take a listen for yourself:




Twitter & Instagram: @NelsTheArtist
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Full Pound Records CEO: Raziel Chamel

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This week I was blessed and honored to interview the CEO of Full Pound Records: Raziel Chamel. The interview was definitely an amazing experience. He is considered to be a local celebrity but I would say he is a little more than that. He has a very heavy following outside of Florida in places like New York, Atlanta and Boston among others. Even though he is well known, he is still one of the most humble people I have ever met.
So where did this all start, like many others he always had a passion for music and in high school he started to take his music seriously. He then graduated from Full Sail Universitywhere in his last year there started Full Pound Records. When he started Full Pound he still hadn’t decided exactly what he wanted to do, he just knew he wanted to be a part of something great. While in Orlando, attending Full Sail, he did an internship and later got a job at 99 Jamz.
His main inspiration and motivation is his family. He makes music based on how he’s feeling at the moment. When it comes to artist, he really looks up to Bob Marley and Michael Jackson. In the future he would love to work with 50 Cent because aside from being a fan of his music he has respect for everything that 50 Cent has accomplished.
He is known as Raziel Chamel. He also has a couple other stage names such as Chamelaflow and Mr. Fantastic. Raziel is his given name, which is unique in itself. Chamelaflow was given to him because of his unique ability to adapt to any beat and make all types of music. Mr. Fantastic is a whole other side of him and a friend gave this name to him a long time ago.
When it comes to current work there is so much that all I can say is check out some of his sites. However, the main focus right now is the “Swirlin” record that is currently being played on 99 Jamz and the video has been featured on MTV jams. This past weekend he just released the remix that features none other than Fat Joe and Ace Hood.
In the future all I see are great things for Raziel as well as for Full Pound Records. They are more than on the way and are a making major moves in the industry right now. Ten years from now Raziel would like to be settled down with his family and helping young artists trying to get into the industry.
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Young and Educated: Kevin

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This week we had Kevin from Young and Educated tell us a little bit about the group. They will be releasing their first mixtape as a group on February 26th, 2013. They were formed back in 2011 with just Kevin and J.T. They later added a few more members and have been building on the team since then. Their name originated because they are all young in their early twenties. They are also all in school and working towards bigger things. When it comes to the music they all jump off of each and have come to consider each other family. Kevin says, “They’re all like my brothers and Kenza is like my sister. They have two singers on the team one female and one male.
The members include Kavi, JT the Jesta, Element, Bastien, Kenza and Kevin. They all rap except Kenza whom is a singer alongside Bastien. Kevin’s main focus is to manage the group but he also raps and is featured on the mixtape. They are all featured on their single titled The Team, which you can listen to on their sound cloud.
They have several mixtapes already out but this is the first time they have all been featured on one. This is the cultivation of all their talents and their introduction into the music scene as a group. They got the idea of doing a mixtape from a meeting they had with a website called we do it for the love of music. During their meeting the idea of a compilation mixtape came up. The reasoning behind it was that each person would push their own music more than their counterparts. They will all promote of course but will promote more when it comes to a project that focuses on them. So instead why not have a project that everyone is on and everyone will push it just as hard.
The mixtape is titled “The Mind of a Young and Educated” and has been in the works for quite some time now. Kevin says that this mixtape showcases some of the most talent artist in the area and is a true representation of the group. You can find it on Hot New Hip Hop and Datpiff on February 26th.

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Cashis Stone: A Therapeutic Artist

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Cashis Stone is an artist based out of the Miami area. He is part of Certified ENT and is currently working on his album called The Black and White LP which is scheduled to drop June 16, 2013. He also has an upcoming show on March 23rd, 2013 at the Archives store. So of course be on the look out for that. After dropping his album he is planning a tour throughout Florida.

He came form humble beginnings but always knew he wanted to make music a career and not just a hobby. Cashis Stone likes to experiment with different genres of  music which is why he considers himself an artist and not just a rapper.

Cashis Stone is one of those rare artist who expresses himself through his music and always tells a story. His goal is to make it big in New York some day but first he has to graduate. The way that Cashis describes his musical inspiration is by saying, “My fans are my therapist.”

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