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Kaya, ‘Polish Flowers’

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Kaya is a musician who needs little introduction, thanks to her smash hit ‘Polish Flowers,’ which has soared to the top of the hip hop and rnb realms. She is enthusiastic about her music, and it shows in her presentation, drawing us in and allowing us to relax and enjoy the ride.

Her vocals are pleasingly distinct, with a texture that gives her a well-defined edge. She also adds to her emotional delivery by blending subtle notes with frequently sharper intonation. In addition, the music is captivating, with a concise foundation that delves into the emotional psyche. Although nothing particularly intricate is going on in the background, the noises on display add to the beauty of the soundscape and create an aura that is difficult to resist.

‘Polish Flowers’ is a reflective track that echoes the thoughts of someone missing home. However, it is not a piece of longing music that begs for a return to the motherland; instead, it catches the beautiful memories and induces a happy feeling of looking back while simultaneously appreciating the new surroundings. In Kaya’s case, Scotland.

So, where does Kaya go from here? When compared to other musicians in the same genre, it appears that she does not release new music very often. Even though her releases are too few and far between, the ones she delivers manage to keep us occupied during the downtime.

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There are many different categories of artist in the world, this week I got the chance to interview DJ LSL. From a youth he had an interest in spinning which has a lot to do with the fact that his father and uncle were deejays. Also his grandfather had a massive record collection. DJ LSL would spend all his free time at his uncle’s house learning the ins and outs of the tables. He eventually started doing private events and deejaying more frequently. However, after a certain private event he shied away from the turntables because it was such a horrific experience. He then turned his focus to school and the company he was working for at the time. A couple of years went by and with the motivation of his friends he got back into the game and did a few private events.