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Ultimate unboxing box

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The Gamestop exclusive Ultimate Unboxing Box was a great surprise. Mine was anyway.

So they had two boxes green or pink. After getting 4 we realized the pattern was Green is Five nights of Freddy and Pink is Kingdom Hearts. I was shocked at what I got in my first box. Let’s review:



Was not expecting to get a Sora Pop! on my first try but I did. This is a great addition to my growing Kingdom Hearts 3 collection. 

Next, the pocket keychain was a bit disappointing for me since I really don’t know how Webby fit into this box but there she is. She is a little cute tho.

Now this was super awesome, an exclusive Vinyl Figure. It’s a heartless!

Here is another mine that I wasn’t too excited about but he has been added to the collection as well. Lastly, I got a cute little pen. I absolutely love the pen, it’s a nice touch.

All of the Kingdom Hearts boxes had one of the above items which is a great deal for only $10. Not sure how long these will be in stores but I was lucky enough to get one and witness the unboxing of three others.


Artist Interviews

T-Free: A Hip-hop Fashion Mogul


T-Freeloves music and fashion and those are the two areas of the entertainment industry where he is focusing his talents. T-Free started rapping in middle school in 7th grade. His friends started to notice he had talent and made sure he knew. He then started to build on his newfound talent and started to notice that he loved it.  His stage name also came from his friends. It is a combination of his name. He wanted his stage name to encompass his name and fit his persona. His clothing line is a separate entity from his musical endeavors. T-Free always wanted to own a business but never knew in what field. One day he was sitting there thinking and he realized he had a big interest in fashion. He then started creating shirts and a name for the company. T-Free creates most of the designs himself and has been establishing his company. The company name is Macaw Bayz.
T-Free draws inspiration from everyday life such as movies, quotes or things that he sees somewhere. He also draws inspiration from other entertainment and other artists. Some artists that he is inspired by include Kendrick Lamar, Lupe Fiasco, Drake, Wale, Lil Wayne, Currency, A Tribe Called Quest, Big K.R.I.T. and Wiz Khalifa.  His genre of music would be mainly hip-hop but also some songs that have a pop feel to them.
Aside from his growing clothing line, T-Free currently has a collab mix tape out with Fresco. He also has a solo mix tape in the works. In the future he sees himself continuing to do music and become a successful artist with a much bigger fan base. He would also like to have a more established clothing line in stores. In the future he would also like to travel a lot in order to see the world.  Wherever the road may take him, he will always continue to expand his clothing line and music.
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