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DJ LSL_ NY Miami Mix 

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MiamiMegaParties CEO and Head DJ, recently release the most innovative mix to hit the streams in ages. A refreshing mix for the ears, and appropriate for all events. I definitely will be playing this mix at my next event should I not be able to book DJ LSL himself. Let me paint a picture of the impact this mix can make on various age groups. It’s a quiet Sunday afternoon when all of a sudden I begin to play the mix. I am around people who range in age from 7-81. By the end of the hour-long mix, each and every person was dancing and asking for more. Yes, he managed to capture the attention of 6 different age groups with a single mix. I’ll give you a direct quote, “OMG, he is really good. The way he does the transitions, it’s not like most DJs who just stop and play the next thing. No, he like actually takes one song and does a smooth transition to the next. I really like him.”