{New Music} I Know What U Looking For By Shaheed

Single Release

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On December 3rd local Miami Hip-Hop artist released his latest single on iTunes. The song has an upbeat tempo. The song is a story about a friends with benefits relationship. Shaheed is telling the girl that he is exactly what she’s looking for. He can please her in any way she wants.He isn’t like other guys who can only talk the talk but can’t handle it when its time. The song is full of catchy lyrics and quick witted rhymes.

Shaheed has been doing music for 10 years in between going to school and serving in the military. He was originally born in Detroit, MI but now lives in Miami, Fl. In 2012 he released a couple of projects to start building a fan base and buzz. Which has proved to have worked because he was recently featured in “Music Connect Magazine” as well as on a satellite radio station called  “SHADE45.”


Broken Ashtray by Matthew Sonata


Broken Ashtray Promo
Song by: Matthew Sonata
Directed by: Melly Starz
All Rights Reserved Melly Starz


This is a promo video for Mathew Sonata for his original song Broken Ashtray. The actual music video will be filmed soon to be a part of it contact us. This is the live acoustic version.


Directed/ Edited by: @mellystarz23

Camera: @frankl0ve