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V.E.G.A Freedom

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This week we have New York born rapper V.E.G.A. Off bat, I have a critique on the track list. It looks like it is out of order. The tracks that say intro and outro and definitely not in the intro and outro but throughout the project. At first I thought it was just on one platform but I checked a couple and it’s the same everywhere. So if it was meant to be in a specific order I won’t get the full message behind it. Nevertheless, here we are. Overall, I’m not a fan. There were a couple of good moments throughout the project but overall not what we have grown accustomed to over at the Melly Starz offices. The album screams Hialeah struggle rapper to me without much creativity behind it. Our advice to VEGA is to do your own thing and not ty to be like everyone else. I mean we could be totally wrong and VEGA could be the next platinum selling artist. From his high school track record however I don’t see it unless a lot changes. (yes, we have connects that used to cypher VEGA in high school. That information came after the review was done.) Speaking of review, let’s get into a track by track breakdown of the project.