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Teez – R.E.N.O (Real Everything No Ops)

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Tongan rap artist Taholo Vainuku aka Teez is set to release his powerful debut album R.E.N.O (Real Everything No Ops) on Friday, September 27th via tastemaker label Mensch House Records! Teez has dived into the core of the rap and hip-hop genre, mentally cultivating his lyrical style, and ambitiously, yet quietly, focusing on the development of his craft: a craft to set him apart from the crowd. Teez recently dropped a new single ‘Lit Bae,” “a bouncy upbeat single for the ladies,” according to Underground Hip Hop.

Through childhood in a Reno project, music served as a safe haven for Teez, allowing him to ride into an escape on the beats and lyrics, often of the legends, Tupac and Bob Marley. It wasn’t until the age of 14 that he realized just how musically inclined he was, through his ability to write lyrics.

Teez has since released several mixtapes on SoundCloud. In 2016, he revealed the first installment of the KILLSHIT mixtape series, hosted by the highly respected DJ Carisma.


My Thoughts on the project:

Now that the P.R. fluff is over let’s get right into the project and what I think.

Mona Lessuh– This song goes hard and I can tell why it was chosen to start the project off.

Mood– I definitely like this song. It’s a song you can bob your head to and sing along with.

Lit Bae– This song is about a girl obviously. A rap love song so to speak. He talks about how lit his bae is.

Hustle Up– As the title suggests this song is all about Teez’s hustle and struggle. It’s his story on how he made it thus far in the game.

Drop– The beat on this track is a bit funky and challenges Teez’s ability to properly spit. I think he does it well and gets his point across.

Dog Filter– I got a kick out of the song title. The song describes how fake social media can be and how people portray themselves. Teez just doesn’t want anything to do with the bullshit and I agree with him. Everyone has a fake ass persona and you never know what’s real or fake nowadays.

Not Over– This is a heartbreaking song. It’s all about a break-up and we all know those sucks. He has a feature on this track. It doesn’t sound like either of them wants this to be over. They want to get back to where they were but is that even possible?

Buggy– The delivery on this track is different than the previous tracks and it definitely works. Teez is showing us all his skills throughout this project.

Murda– This is an upbeat track even with the underlying murda topic. I love the contradiction so much. I also caught the island vibes in the background. Just like he says in the song, everything he does he murdas. I legit can’t get over this track, it’s so fun.

Outro– Waves crash and we know we’ve reached the end of our trip with Teez. It’s a peaceful send off that slowly brings you back to this world after visiting R.E.N.O.

The project drops today so follow him and stayed tuned for more music. As always if you want to be featured on the top 100 hip hop blogs send a submission to mellystarzsubmissions@gmail.com or visit the contact form. Stay tuned for new music reviews every Friday.

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Young Shadow: A Truth Spitting Performer

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At the tender age of 8 Young Shadow fell in love with poetry. This later translated into his love of music. He always had an interest in rap but it was never in the forefront of his endeavors. It wasn’t until his brother went to prison that Young Shadow became inspired to really pursue rap. He wanted an outlet for his brother and a way to help support his family. Another thing that his brother had a hand in was his stage name Young Shadow. This name was his brothers originally but he has taken it and made it his own. Young Shadow’s brother of course isn’t overjoyed by it but is still supportive.

Young Shadow is a completely individual artist although he has collaborated with other artists. He is currently working on a joint mix tape with Avery Futuristic titled Loyalty Allegiance. He is also working on his own mix tape titled Dark Hustle Volume 2. He says he has made enough songs to put out Volume 3 as well but he is thinking of holding off on that for a little while. He draws his musical influence from artists such as Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Lil Wayne, Trick Daddy, Nas, Lloyd Banks, Lil Boosie, Young Jeezy and Lupe Fiasco. Young Shadow is also inspired by some R&B artists including, Tyrese, Michael Jackson and Earth, Wind, and Fire. I would have to say that another inspiration that you evidently hear through his music is his pain and struggle. When I heard Dreams and Nightmares I immediately could feel the pain through his lyrics. The way Young Shadow describes himself and his music is, “I’m a party dude but I like to spit the truth.” Young Shadow has another passion, which happens to be performing. He has performed at several open mics. Even though he may always be spotlight ready he is not a battle rapper.

In the near future Young Shadow strives to be the one of the best artists out of Broward County, Florida. In the next few years he sees himself still making music whether it may be rapping, engineering, or producing. When it comes to engineering Young Shadow has only slightly dabbled in it and it is not something that entirely sparks his interest. He has never produced but it is a skill he wants to acquire. In the future he may even try out ghost writing. Overall when it comes to music he wants to know every aspect of it so that if an opportunity arises he is able to take it. In the end when it comes to his future he just wants to take care of his family and live life the right way.

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