The Heatmix Life

Check me every Friday hosting the Heat Mix Life mix show alongside DJ LX. Listen now and support. Want to be featured on the show? Drop us a submission. The show is sponsored by Rift Multimedia.

This show was 13th in the global party chart, 14th in the global latin chart, 16th in the global bootleg / mash up chart, 29th in the global world chart and 29th in the global hip-hop/rap chart.
This show was 8th in the global bootleg / mash up chart, 9th in the global party chart, 10th in the global latin chart, 22nd in the global world chart and 32nd in the global hip-hop/rap chart.

This show was 7th in the global party chart, 8th in the global latin chart, 8th in the global world chart, 15th in the global hip-hop/rap chart and 28th in the global edm chart.
This show was 5th in the global party chart, 9th in the global latin chart, 10th in the global world chart, 13th in the global club chart and 36th in the global edm chart.
This show was 10th in the global world chart, 11th in the global party chart, 14th in the global latin chart, 18th in the global club chart and 43rd in the global edm chart.