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Artist Advice

CC vs BCC when emailing media outlets

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In this episode of the artist advice series we discuss the difference between CC and BCC on emails. Some artists reach out to various bloggers and media outlets by using a mailing list. That is not the major issue, the issue ensues when every single outlet is copied and can reply to each other. This can cause chaos to see the least. Cc is carbon copy while Bcc is blind carbon copy.

CC is best used when the parties on the email know each other and need to be provided the information contained within the email. BCC is best used when all parties need the information, do not need to know each other and do not need to reply to each other. You can use both in an email, none or just one. It all depends on the topic and content contained within the email.

Stay tuned every other week for a new advice video for artists. You can see the videos first over on my Youtube channel. Let us know what topics you want discussed in this series. What are some common issues you face when getting your music out there?

Artist Advice

Artist Advice Episode 2

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The artist advice series finally gets it’s second installment. I tried to start this series a few years ago but only made it to episode one. This time around I have over 20 videos planned. So stay tuned each week starting in January to see what advice and interesting topics I discuss in the underground hip hop world.

This week, I go into depth about the top reasons why I avoid working with Miami artists and tell you how to approach bloggers and build a long lasting relationship. I also mention some artists who do a great job of showing support and maintaining relationships for years on end.

Top 3 Reasons I don’t Work With Miami Artists

Reason #1: Entitlement

When trying to collab with others be humble. Many artists want free exposure, free projects, free etc. They walk around like they are better than everyone else when in all reality no one is. We are all in this game together and putting others down is not going to make you a better artist or person.

Reason #2: Lack of support

This brings me to my next point. People will try to bring others down instead of engaging in friendly competition. There is room for everyone in the industry. When you work with someone, the least you can do is to promote their project. If you are featured on someone’s blog, the least you can do is shout them out, repost, like, share etc. We all put in work and if you want support you also need to give it.

Some artists who are great at uplifting and supporting others are Cracc Cobain, Juzt Kp, John Fifth, Shah33d and Erb Dean. As you can tell, they are not primarily from Miami. Although some live here, they weren’t born here and that says a lot.

Honorable Mention: Unprofessionalism.

Check my last video for this one because I delved into more detail there.

Reason #3: Gossip

Shocker! Everyone knows everyone’s business and won’t shut up about it. Miami entertainment is so small that everyone knows each other and things get weird when gossip gets in the way. We need to get out of our bubbles and just work. If we can’t move past our shit and stop with the gossip no one will expand. Sadly, it’s always the same people everywhere you go.

More Advice Coming Soon

Through my experience, I’ve come to enjoy working with artists outside of Miami because of their professionalism and how serious they take their craft. I am one of the top hip hop blogs out there so expansion is needed. Miami artists are welcome if they can get their shit together. Do you agree with me? Let me know in the comments. If you do want to be featured one of the best hip hop blogs check out my contact page or send a submission to

Artist Advice

How Not To Piss Off A Blogger And Get Your Music Featured

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After being in the music and entertainment industry for so many years, Melly Starz decided to create a series on advice that undergound hip hop artists should follow, as well as, things to avoid. Episode one we get right into the topic of how to avoid pissing off a blogger when you first approach them.

Tip #1: Be Cordial. This is one of the biggest issues artists have. There is such a lack of professionalism. A simple introduction in your email or message is basic manners.

Tip #2: Don’t use pet names. This is a big one especially for male artists reaching out to female media in the music industry. For some reason, they feel that it is standard practice to refer to media personalities as “hun, babe, sunshine, sweetie etc.” Why are you so comfortable using these pet names with someone you have never spoken to before? A standard greeting should be the person’s name or the company. If you have no idea who is running the site then at minimum say “To Whom It May Concern” When a person uses pet names, it sounds more like you are trying to hit on them instead of trying to work. This will more often than not get you rejected from ever working with the personality.

Tip #3: Do Your Research. When reaching out to someone trying to work with them know what you are reaching out for. Don’t assume, more than likely they are marketing themselves for a certain niche such as blogging, as artists, a painter etc. Check someone’s page at minimum or check out their website. How are you trying to work with someone and you have no idea what they do? Do you go to the grocery store and ask them what they do? No, you know they sell groceries.

Tip #4: Don’t Hit On Someone. Just because you want to work with someone, doesn’t mean they want to flirt with you. Always keep it business. Friendships and relationships can form and there is nothing wrong with that but don’t hit on someone from moment one. Get the work done first. Plus, you don’t even know their relationship status, not every media person is public about their relationship. Tread lightly.

Tip #5: Don’t Mention Someone’s Ex. Of course, there are media duos out there. Maybe you met someone through their former significant other, but why would you bring that up years later? No one wants to talk about their ex when they are trying to work. It’s borderline disrespect to even mention that relationship.

Tip #6: Be Clear On What You Want. Most entertainment professionals, have several projects and interests going on. In your initial email, be upfront on what service you are looking for.

Tip #7: Prices. For many creatives, this is their main source of income and it has taken years of practice and time to perfect their craft. When they set a price point, don’t try to low ball or diminish their value simply because you don’t see it. If it is out of your price range then state so, “Your price is out of the budget at the moment but I’ll circle back at a later date.” Don’t insult a person by saying they are charging too much. You may want to work with them later, so don’t burn that bridge. Do you go to Disney and tell them they are too expensive? No, you pay those dam Disney prices and move on with your life.

Underground hip hop artists stay tuned for more useful tips and tricks on how to get featured on the top hip hop blog sites. This is not a comprehensive list of everything wrong with the industry but it’s a start. There will be more videos and posts helping artists and bloggers navigate the industry so stay tuned. If you want to donate to the creative efforts check out the support the starz section. Until next time, shine bright starz.