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Contours M!NT FT Sasha Nitze

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Returning to the site with another release is Brooklyn based producer M!NT with his release of “Contours” featuring Sasha Nitze. M!NT is a multi-faceted music producer, engineer and film composer. He works out of his studio Arrowhead House and has worked with Glitch Mob, NAO, Medasin, Ooah, The Whooligan and The New York Times to name a few. He has a large resume when it comes to performing as well. He has performed at Electric Forest, Lighting In A Bottle, What The Festival, Mysteryland and Shambala.  

Thoughts on Contours 

If I lived in New York, I feel these are the kinds of creatives I need to be around. This is the perfect lo-fi beat to add to your music. Towards the end I caught some Breaking Bad vibes, like I could see this on an episode. You absolutely get into a trance like state more so when you want the accompanying visuals made by Thanoz. The guitar strums are a beautiful touch and truly make the beat like no other. This is a track that requires headphones. You are able to escape reality and go into your own world for the duration of the track. This is the first label release for Nitze and the beginning of a big 2021 for M!NT. You can listen to Contours on all streaming platforms by clicking here.


The video has a plethora of visual effects that are no easy feet. Harlem’s visual effects wizkid Thanoz blends futuristic New York City elements to recreate a visually stimulating world out of everyday locations. Thanoz describes the video as “a cinematic experience of our confusing reality.” We are thrown into various scenes and get peaks at the creative process M!NT goes through during the creation of this beat. The visuals are a perfect component to showcase the sounds and evoke the intended emotions.

Looking for more?

You can listen to this over and over and not get tired. It is perfect to study, write or escape reality to. The visuals are a perfect addition to add to the escapism of the sounds. I am hooked and want more from M!NT. If you want more check out the following links:




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Circles Justin Arrington

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Heading over to Los Angeles for some Pop and R&B sounds we meet Justin Arrington. It is said that he has combined Stevie B and Ne-Yo sounds into his own. Both are some of my favs so I know exactly what they mean by this. Justin also draws inspiration from Michael Jackson, Usher, Justin Timberlake, and Brian McKnight. Today he brings us Circles with Bow Wow doing an introduction to the emerging artist. So let’s get right to it and see what Justin has to offer.

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Proudly Presents


Miami’s 1st Official Verzuz Battle of the Hoodz

December 13th, 2020 – 6:30pm


#SFMG (SoFloMediaGang) is hosting the 1st ever “Verzuz Style” battle between two of Miami’s biggest communities.

Representing KENDALL: 8ch2Owens aka RUDY BARRO of WVCC Radio / Vice City Cypher will be presenting 20 of the Hottest Hip Hop Singles recorded by Kendall Artist & Producers


Representing HIALEAH: Orion aka Brass Balls of WDDH Radio Podcast / Whut Dey Do, will be providing 20 of the Best Hip Hop Jams Hialeah has blessed us with throughout the years.

More than a test to see which scene’s Artist, Producers and overall sound is “BETTER”, #SFMG is using this series to shine light on the rich history that cant be found throughout Miami when it comes to Hip Hop Music and Culture, which spans over 4 Decades. Join us in Celebrating this Legacy, the years of hard work and passion that went into making our city not only a destination with great Food, Nightlife and Tourist Attractions, but a City full of timeless Original music as well.  

The only question is….Who are you riding with December 13th?  Kendall or Hialeah?? See you there.

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Let’s head over to Virginia to meet Bryant White, who goes by the moniker BZZY OG. He is a rapper, songwriter, and recording artist who dropped his debut single “OG” on October 12. He coined his name from some of his musical influences like Busy Bee, Bizzy Bone and Biz Markie. He began to take his career seriously in 2018 when he taught himself how to mix and started to put out music. He put out two EPs and and various singles leading up to his debut album BZZY in December 2019. Nine months later in 2020 he signed to the label Music Unites Souls Everywhere. This is his first release as a signed artist so let’s get right into the music.