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The Journey Project Podcast (Ep. 17) (feat. DJ Chase)

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This week we get to meet DJ Chase, hailing from New York, who has been in djing since the 80s. Music was always a part of his life but he took his love for music further than anyone in his family. He got his first turntable and started working immediately as a teenager. His first gig being in 1996, almost by accident. DJ Chase is also a hybrid producer and began that process in the early 2000s. During a quick break we get a new artist spotlight.

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Current DJ Chase is producing for an artist Molly McCoy. They have been working together for some time and she just matches his beats perfectly so it is a flourishing relationship. Worldwide Sounds Records was started by DJ Chase and a few others but he kept the name to expand on it. As custom, we learn his top five maintrsem and top three local artist.

DJ Chase tells us that what keeps him going is God. His advice to his younger self is not to help anyone and just focus on you. He has some singles coming out in the future for him and for Molly. He is also in a movie coming out this December. Always remember to read what you sign and do not get offended by signing contracts just make sure you know what is in it. Josiah leaves us with another hint of who the Love and Hip hop star is coming out soon. Did you make your guest and enter the contest for a free interview??

The Journey Podcast

The Journey Project Podcast (Ep. 16) (feat. Dejah’E)

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After Josiah’s intro we jump straight into an Dejah’E’s music video. She started singing in the choir when she was 9 and does not only do RnB but also pop, twerking, etc. Professionally she started in a girl group when she was 16 and has been in the music game for ten years. Her dad inspired her to get into music when she was about eight years old and the rest is history.

Read more: The Journey Project Podcast (Ep. 16) (feat. Dejah’E)

The majority of her music is based on true events and she wants the people to connect to her music. She wrote her first song at 15 for her first girl group. She loved hearing her voice after she recorded her first song. Dejah’E seems to have known that she was meant for music right off the bat. She definitely has that start quality about her. She has two processes for making music. Midway through the interview we get a new creative spotlight.

They discuss her latests single “Never Ever” and how it came about. Her explanation is very relatable and you should all check it out. She names her top five industry artists include Jhene, Rihanna, Summer Walker and others, along with some local artists. She discusses her ups and downs and what keeps her going. The future looks bright since she has a few videos and songs coming down the pipeline.