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The Journey Podcast

The Journey Project Podcast (Ep. 21) (feat. Felecia Chatman)

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This week we start a little different with a compilation video with various clips of Felecia. She is an actress who has been working on her craft since she was three. She also goes by Queen Fee as her moniker. While she has dipped in various fields her passion is acting and her biggest inspiration is Angela Basset (phenomenal actress) and Viola Davis (another great actor). She also likes to write horror movies but is not fond of acting in it due to religious reasons. She prepares by rereading her part and becoming the character. While acting his her primary passion, she also enjoys writing and has a limited series set for next year. She also models and has starred in local commercials.

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As she lists her feature, her experience is out of this world and you might have seen her in many different places without realizing. She is on tour for Thick This and Sweet Potato Pies. In a small twist we get editing Josiah to get our spotlight artist for the week who is: Raven Smith with Unconditional. I love editing Josiah and his charisma. After the break we get right back into talking about her tour and the character she plays. You must listen to the interview to get an idea what to expect.

Felecia’s favorite film in her favorite genre is John Wick, which honestly I love those films too. She also talks about favorites in other genres like comedy, drama and more. While we did discuss her favorite actors we get to learn a few others towards the end of the interview. Josiah also asks who Felecia would like to meet in her field alive or dead, with one that is close to our hearts: Chadwick. Excuse me while I go cry.

She has gone through a lot of struggles but has found a way to make it and her kids help her keep going for greatness. The interview gets very deep and personal at this point and I would rather not share her story as that is hers to tell you in her way. Her advice is to not let anyone stop you and always give it 100% in everything you do. This interview is very emotional. Advice she wishes she would have gotten when she was starting out is: to ask questions and don’t give up.

The Journey Podcast

The Journey Project Podcast (Ep. 20) (feat. Miss B Haven)

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Let’s get right into it and we get some sneak peaks of Josiah’s upcoming video for Freak Me, releasing on December 10th. Then we go to a music video performance by Miss B Haven. She describes herself as an energy and how she does things a little different. She has been doing music for 20 years and started off very young. She speaks on her adoption and how her upbringing has influenced her life and career. They discuss her entire career trajectory and the various bands she has been in and how her music has evolved. From her story I see a lot of synchronicity guiding the way.

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She also discusses the transition from solo artist to being in two bands and how it’s been touring and being in the background. We take a quick break for the spotlight video of the week. They get back into Miss B getting to her dreams and how she is on a detour of sorts right now. A big point is made as to how some people get famous over the people who have talent. She talks about her work with Creative Space and the impact on her and others. After discussing her work and what is coming next fro Creative Space we hear her top five big artists and top three local artists.

The conversation about misogyny in the industry and. how some people will switch up the moment they get on stage. Negative vibes are not welcome around Miss B and her team. She is also a teacher and her students keep her motivated. We delve into her teaching and how it impacts her students and herself. She gives us a lot of sound advice that you just have to watch and hear for yourself. The future is bright for Miss B Haven and we cannot wait to keep up with her.

The Journey Podcast

The Journey Project Podcast (Ep. 19) (feat. T-Won, Tha Gospel Godfatha)

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Another week, another interview and with a music video to get know this week’s artist: T-Won. It is a gospel track talking about his faith and how he has gotten better than he used to be since he found God. He talks about his name and how it came from his salvation and how he has been doing this thing, as a producer and gospel artist, for over 25 years. He was inspired to do music form various places like Baby Face, Stevie Wonder, and others. All of his music are testimonies of his life and other people he encounters. He describes his music as praise party and a big holy ghost party.

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T-Won started doing secular music and then moved into music that inspires and changes people’s lives. At that point his path with God was not as stable as it is now. It was a scary transition because he was scared he was going to lose something but instead feels he gained so much more. This week’s artist spotlight is Josiah and an inspirational clip about his habits and focus.

In the next section we discuss T-Won’s production and record company he works with that represents the lord. Through his career he has had many successes including being a BET Gospel Artist. His biggest drive is having passion to keep doing what you love doing and why. He also advise artists to surrounding themselves with good people who you can rely on and encourage you. Check out his favorite artists and find new music to listen to, by watching the full interview.

His advice to his younger self is to learn the business and that seems to be resounding advice from many of the people interviewed thus far. T-Won has a lot in the works for the future and you have to stay tuned for what’s next by following him on all social channels by searching ThaGospelGodfatha.

The Journey Podcast

The Journey Project Podcast (Ep. 18) (feat. Love & Hip Hop Miami Reality TV Star, Emjay Johnson)

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I have been looking forward to this interview for quite some time especially after following the Love and Hip Hop franchise for many years. I must admit I do not follow Emjay’s music so it was a great idea to start the interview off by providing a music video because it gives us a great idea of his musical talents. Then we get right into the interview and we delve into Emjay’s career starting back when he was 15 or 16 years old. Lover Boy was his initial name but has changed overtime until he came into his own musically.

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His music has real life inspiration and he has a diverse musical score. He has hispanic influences which leaked into his music. Being an international star requires a special element and for Emjay it was dipping into the latin community. The creative spotlight is Pretty Bitch by Sparkle. Through Emjay’s latin career he toured with Romeo Santos (I’ll wait while you faint) which opened the doors for more opportunities. He toured for over three years and hit so many counties across the world. They discuss artists he is listening to and discuss the state of RnB.

Emjay had many accolades under his belt and we get to learn how he ended up on Love and Hip Hop ad how he originally rejected the idea. He turned several reality tv shows until he finally caved. His drive to keep going is to be able to put other people on and to help them grow. He also wants his future children to have a legacy. He hopes his legacy inspires others to keep going. Advice to his younger self is to understand the legal and business side of the music industry and not get caught up in the glitz and notoriety, In the future, he has his hat line, health line, tv shows and his music.