Deejay X Seven

This week Melly Starzinterviews a well-known deejay, Deejay X Seven. He started his career as a deejay when he was shown a program called Virtual dj. He wasn’t taking it seriously but still did private events and was the official deejay for a local rapper. What really inspired Deejay X Seven to take things seriously was his son. While in the womb his son was very responsive to the music that X Seven would play. Now he is a constant reminder for X Seven to keep moving forward and working hard. Which he definitely has. He has worked at a wide array of clubs such as Mekka, Kaffé Krystal, Café Bodegita, Nocturnal, KCafe, and even Skyline among many others.

He is an open format deejay but his preferred genres are Dirty Dutch and Merengue. He is also one of the few deejays who still use vinyls. He looks up to deejays such as DJ LSL, Epps and Run DMC.

With such a unique name, many would wonder where he got it. The “X” is actually a roman numeral and the seven is his birthday. The reason behind his name being “deejay 17” would be because of his real name and the relation it has to December 17th in catholic religion.

He currently is working on edits and just released a mix. He is also conjuring up a new old school mix that we hope to hear very soon. Deejay X Seven likes to use parables and words to express himself through his music. He is also associated with SBS, which works with Mega 94.9 and EL Solo 95. He is studying broadcasting and hopes to work for Clear Channel someday, if not he may go up north and try to look for opportunities up there.
He leaves us with his motto: ”no fears, no regrets and most of all no limits.”

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Digi: An Innovative Emcee

This week I got the chance to interview an innovative emcee called Digi from Full Pound Records and Uptown. Music has always been a part of his life. His father had a studio called the “Dub Lab.” So Digi would always go to the studio right after school. This is where he had the opportunity to meet several different artists. He felt as though he connected to the beat before he connected to the words and this is how he got into producing.  He always had a knack for music and could learn lyrics within a day. He also has the unique ability to write and keep his lyrics in his head.
When it comes to stage names Digi is a man of many hats. He has Digi, Mr Fire-fly Himself, and Icecoldpros. Like many other artist he draws inspiration from life and his family. He has a very big reggae influence due to his Jamaican background. Some artist that he draws inspiration from include: Busta Rhymes, Wu-Tang Clan, Method Man, Lords of the Underground, KRS ONE, and The Fugees among many others.
He has plenty of work under his belt with 21 GSC which he released several tapes with that each included 21 tracks. He also has some solo work like “Coldest Wynter Ever”, “Dr Jeckyll  Mr. Hyde.” He is currently working on “Cut from a Different Cloth” which features his big track “Green Light” on it. He is also going to be working on a mixtape with DJ Needles, which should be released later on this year.
In the future he would like to work with anyone who’s talented and passionate about their gift. Some specific artist he would like to work with would be Sly and Robbie, Timbaland, Wu-Tang Clan, Kirko Bangz, and J.Peguero. when it comes to his career path, he would love to be doing what he loves 24/7.
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