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EP Review “Meyday Hansen – Rabbit”

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Meyday Hansen presents “Rabbit” an 8 track EP mostly produced by Hansen featuring guest production from Mr. Alexis, guest verses from Untamed, Cashis Stone, & Luni Lovin of Silent Hand, & a piano solo from Stoned White Elephant. The underlying concept of the Rabbit EP is context & self awareness which Hansen neatly hides under 808 drums & loud statements. (Provided by Meyday Hansen)


“Sanitizer” the beat sounds triumphant and is produced by Meyday Hansen himself. It is an amazing way to start the EP. It is his introduction into who he is and what he is all about.

“Black Vans” is definitely a song to get crazy to.

“Show off 2” which features Untamed and Cashis Stone who you should know by now from other segments on my site. The trio together is definitely a good fit. They know how to compliment each other.  The chorus is catchy in saying,  “I aint showing off, I’m just that good”

“Vegeta” is a sort of call to rappers questioning if they’re as good as they are. Are they better than Meyday Hansen. At the end of the song we change up the beat

“Jella” is a little smoother than any of the songs up to this point.

“Acid Petals” is a very explicit song to say the least. The beat is a very dark beat that combined with the lyrics takes you on a trip.

“CHillin” is about a chillin with a girl who’s got a man. By chillin we mean a lot more obviously.

“Angry Meday Hansen Song” is an amazing way to end the EP. It has a mellow spacey beat, which doesn’t need too many lyrics for you to feel the music.

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