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{Spotlight} Mr. Alexis

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As some of you have already seen I featured a new beat on the first episode of “Hip Hop Probs”. This amazing beat titled “Cali Connect” came into my hands through a very talented upcoming producer named Mr. Alexis. That was not however the only beat he sent me. I have a special playlist on his Soundcloud with the beats he sent me. I decided you guys should have your ears blessed and see what my reaction was to them.

Iris- This beat is very eccentric. Makes me feel like I’m cruising on a spaceship. There are several different elements and instruments in this beat. It ends a little abruptly at the end but this is only a short sample so that could explain it.

Rock the Boat – This beat puts a futuristic twist on the classic Aaliyah song. You can hear some of the same instruments used in the previous track. Some of these percussions fit into the future sequence genre, which I personally am not too familiar with myself.

2 on- I absolutely love the drums on this track. It’s a smoother version of Tinahse’s original song. The song also has subtle futuristic sounds, which seem to be Mr.Alexis’ signature.

Cmd+S – Now of these four beats I have to say this is my favorite. It has a little more of a hip hop feel with that touch of electronic, futuristic sound.

Mr. Alexis has a sound all his own. Something I’m not used to or familiar with. What I do know is he has a very creative spirit and isn’t scared to experiment and express himself. Stay tuned as I’m pretty sure we will be hearing a lot more from Mr. Alexis.

Contact Information –
@MralexisBeats on Twitter
Insta: mralexisbeats

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