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DJ LSL_ NY Miami Mix 

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MiamiMegaParties CEO and Head DJ, recently release the most innovative mix to hit the streams in ages. A refreshing mix for the ears, and appropriate for all events. I definitely will be playing this mix at my next event should I not be able to book DJ LSL himself. Let me paint a picture of the impact this mix can make on various age groups. It’s a quiet Sunday afternoon when all of a sudden I begin to play the mix. I am around people who range in age from 7-81. By the end of the hour-long mix, each and every person was dancing and asking for more. Yes, he managed to capture the attention of 6 different age groups with a single mix. I’ll give you a direct quote, “OMG, he is really good. The way he does the transitions, it’s not like most DJs who just stop and play the next thing. No, he like actually takes one song and does a smooth transition to the next. I really like him.”

Now DJ LSL has an extensive library of mixes and music but you can see a progression in his skills culminating in this new mix. I had the pleasure of meeting with DJ LSL after the release of his mix and was able to pick his brain on where he drew some of his inspiration. Trust me, I’ve heard a lot of mixes including many from DJ LSL but I have never heard something like this. I just needed to know what he did differently and why.

From our conversation, I gathered pieces of the visionary process. DJ LSL added new scratching techniques that he says were inspired by DJ Annalyze. Yup, none other than international DJ extraordinaire and reigning queen of open format deejaying and Turntable trickery, DJ Annalyze. She has built an extensive repertoire through her residencies from New York to Shanghai, China as well as deejaying alongside prominent artists including Travis Barker and Cypress Hill. I wonder if a collab could come about from these two?  

Another jaw-dropping moment during the mix is when a little bit of Cumbia crept in. I haven’t heard this genre in literal ages and to hear it in a mix was mind-boggling. DJ LSL didn’t do it in an intrusive or forced way either. It truly flowed with the rest of the mix. Now, this is not a genre that many people are too aware of or will use in their sets but DJ LSL is not like most DJs. You’ll never guess where he drew his inspiration from, another prominent DJ in California, DJ Refresh. He is not only a highly skilled DJ but a talented producer and in-house music editor at DJcity, which is the leading digital record pool for DJs. DJ Refresh also has a residency at the Onyx Room and has his own mixshow on iTunes. He is well known for incorporating Cumbia into his sets which is where DJ LSL drew some inspiration. DJ LSL has also released a variety of mixes inspired by DJ Refresh.

The NY Miami mix, however, is one of the most groundbreaking mixes I’ve had the pleasure of listening to from one of the top Miami DJs who has been honing his craft for over a decade. I can definitely see a collab in the future with both DJ Annalyze and DJ Refresh and our ears will be in for a treat.

MiamiMegaParties is full entertainment event service run by Head CEO DJ Yerry and CEO DJ LSL housing some of the top DJs in Miami. They do every type of event you can imagine and are the most professional DJs in Miami. Spots do fill up quickly, so if your event needs an open format DJ in Miami and the surrounding areas you better book fast. If you’ve heard the mix this is a major indication of what your party will be like having DJ LSL or one of his partners at your event.

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