Artist Promotion

Cracc Cobain- Checc Up

Checc Up is a classic payday anthem. It’s all about grinding and hustling to get that money. Cobain also mentions throughout the song how people won’t be there during the grind but want a slice of the pie later on. The song also features Cream a spitfire, lyricist. She reiterates the hustle theme but from the female perspective.

The visuals are fitting, it’s all about money and green. It’s concise and to the point just Cracc Cobain and Cream counting their bread and spitting fire at you. You can watch the video above and listen to the song by clicking here.

You can follow Cracc Cobain on all social media platforms @CraccCobain

The song was also featured as the first song of the week for The Heatmix Life. You can listen to the interview here.

Stream this payday anthem now and show some love!! Be on the lookout for #FreelunchFridays by Cracc Cobain





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