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My Funko Collection Part One

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I started my Funko Collection about a year ago. So over the next two weeks, you will get to see how my collection is going so far. Part one is general pops and part two will be all about Harry Potter. In December, I’ll be doing the advent calendar weekly videos and doing another update since I’ve already added more pops to my collection.

We start off by taking a look at the Funko Game of Thrones. So of course, I have Jon Snow on the throne, Dany on the throne and the Night King on the throne. Next up I have Bran in his wheelchair with the infamous dagger. Then, of course, Arya. I loved her from season one and she stayed my favorite character throughout the entire show. I am planning on getting every Pop! of hers.

Now we go into the miscellaneous Pops. First up is the Gold Black Panther. That’s my favorite Marvel Character. Then we have Goose the Cat. Listen for a funny story on how I got this Pop!

Kingdom Hearts is such a classic and I luckily enough got a Sora Pop! in a mystery box. Last but not least, Dobby (my dog) also has a Funko Pop! toys collection. He has Max in Cone from Secret Life of Pets 2. You will see more of his collection in part two.

Stay tuned for part two next week getting you ready for the advent Funko calendar daily videos. What do you think of my collection so far? Let me know and support the website by visiting the support the starz section.

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