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Funko Harry Potter Advent Calendar Week Four

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The Advent Calendar I choose this year, is, of course, the Funko Harry Potter one. Each day you get a mini vinyl figurine. Week four’s theme I’m naming as the Golden Trio week. Here’s what I got:

Day 19: Neville Longbottom

Day 20: Draco Malfoy

Day 21: Hagrid

Day 22: Ron Weasley Again

Day 23: Hermione

Day 24: Harry Potter Again

I’m slightly disappointed in the calendar overall. I definitely think they could have done a better job. I’m also not a fan of it being based on the goblet of fire. No one even likes that movie but I guess it is the only one with a fancy dance. Next year, I’m hoping for better.

Is anyone else doing the advent calendar? I’m curious to know if everyone is getting the same characters in the same order or if it is a different experience for everyone. Stay tuned for next week’s unboxing. Let me know how your advent calendars are coming along.

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