Artist Promotion

The Dutchess

This week we head over to Portland for the self titled debut album “The Dutchess”. The Dutchess made waves in 2018 when she became the Coast2Coast Live Showcase-Seattle winner. This set her up for a big 2019. She has packed clubs in Seattle and the Bay Area. The Dutchess has also released a music video for the track “Go Shit”. So let’s dive right in with our breakdown below.


Our Thoughts on the Project

  1. Function: The Dutchess is fire, I have goosebumps. She speaks clearly and her delivery is perfection. This song is a great way to start the album. I’m probably going to be saying “I came up her to function” from now on.
  2. Go Shit: The visuals are on point and go with the song. I love the colors and scenes. It’s a hype song and the visuals are there to match. It’s a vibe. The Dutchess definitely knows how to capture an audience with her catchy hooks and pop culture references.

3. Cocoa: This song is a bit slower than the others and not so much of a club anthem. This one is a ladies anthem style song. The hook and chorus are very sensual and tell a dude what she likes which I second.

4. No Loyalty: This song starts heavy and fast. The Dutchess wastes no time and goes in. Even with the speed you can still understand what she is saying which can often be a downside when speed spitting. The Dutchess has it and she has no shame in telling everyone how raw she is.

5. Mange: Everyone needs to stay in their own lane because The Dutchess gives zero fucks. She bout her paper and her music and she ain’t got no time for you fugayzi ass hoes.

6. Irrational: The Dutchess slows it down on this song at first to talk about building her empire. She then speeds it up a bit to continue her story. She has worked to get to where she is now and isn’t letting anything get in her way.

7. Queen Koopa: When I saw the tracklist I was most excited to hear this song because of the title. She did it justice. This song is all about her and her “big clit energy”. This is a banger and may be my fav song.

8. Tsunami: The Dutchess ain’t lying when she says “My wave hit like a tsunami, they craving me just like I’m some chocolate” because I am definitely craving more from her. Perfect way to end the album.


Final Thoughts

The Dutchess is a real spitter and true artist. I was pleasantly surprised by her bars and ability to convey her message. In recent times, we see many artists spitting nonsense and female artists will often focus on sexualizing themselves to sell. The Dutchess is not like that, she has the star power and talent to back it up. We will be following her journey very closely. If you want to hear more follow these links:

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