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Tekh Togo: Sharon Stone

Tekh Togo is an emcee and videographer from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He brings us a song/video called “Sharon Stone”. The inspirationg for the song came from Tekh Togo zoning out to a J Dilla instrumental and is said to be a metaphor about diamonds.

The Series

Tekh Togo made the song a part of his “Classic Series” where he releases music on a monthly basis. This is a way to hype up his upcoming EP and short film to be released later this year.

In regards to the video, Tekh Togo says he decided to take a different approach by using an old 16mm film camera and a projector to project an anime series “Speed Grapher” onto a vintage candy dish. He has titled this episode Whore of Diamonds. So let’s take a look and see what Tekh Togo has to offer.

Thoughts on the song

It was a short snippet and I’m unsure about the visual component. The visuals are barely visuals, it’s just a picture with a show playing. Not fond of that but that could be Tekh Togo’s image/perogative. The snippet is well done but so short it is hard to get a clear picture of who Tekh Togo is as an artist.

Want More?

I am curious to see more and get a better picture of who Tekh Togo is as an artist and creator. I wouldn’t say I am fan because there just isn’t enough for me to make that determination. If you are curious or did enjoy the song here are some links to see more from Tekh Togo,-Tekh

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