Artist Promotion

OA KZ Orange Soda Remix

This week we have a brand new release from Chicago’s very own OA KZ. He brings us the visuals to his remix for Orange Soda. Chicago artists are known for a different style altogether but OA KZ is showing that although we come from Chicago, not everything has to be so tough. I’m looking forward to more music from him as he continues to make a staple on the Chicago hip hop scene.

Thought on the Song

His flow and delivery are very laid back but still confident when relaying his message. Between the two songs, I actually enjoy OA KZ’s version better. It is more humorous and his flow is more chill. He kept the chorus about the same but I thoroughly enjoy everything he did with the song.

Thoughts on the Video

The video doesn’t have too many scenes. He is mainly in the studio and somewhere downtown. He adds a few other fun visual elements which really give the video a little extra something to put it over the top, such as the dirty sprite animation. The shots are concise and clear, making the visuals look very professional. Overall, great job.

Want more?

If you are looking for more music, check out OA KZ on social media by following these links:

If you have a song or project to be featured on the top hip hop blog send over your submissions to or head over to our contact page.

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