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Fly Guy J & Flamo: Designer

Today we head over to Rochester, New York for Fly Guy J and Flamo. Fly Guy J is a producer and owns a studio in Rochester. He started a Youtube series called “On the fly” where he invites an artist to the studio and they create a beat and song from thin air.

Flamo is an artist with a few accolades under his belt including an invitation to freestyle on Funk Flex’s “inflexwetrust”. He has also been featured on, Vibe, and

About “On the Fly”

In episode one Fly Guy J and Flamo collab on a new song titled “Designer.”

Let’s watch and see what Fly Guy J and Flamo have brought to the scene.

The show starts off with Fly Guy J, cooking up the beat and you truly see how the entire process comes about. It is meticulous to say the least, when creating a beat. I have been privy to seeing beat making in person and it is incredible how producers create magic from nothing. That is exactly what Fly Guy J has done for the beat.

Next, we go in the booth with Flamo and experience the creative process between Flamo and Fly Guy J to get the vocals on point. We also get to see a bit of the mixing process. We finally end the episode with a montage and the song playing. It is a fire track.

Thoughts on the Episode

I think this is a great concept for a series and can’t wait to watch more. I can tell Fly Guy J has his branding down pat and the video is executed to perfection.

As far as the song goes, it is radio ready and I’m hoping it’s spinning on the radio already. Flamo absolutely kills it. I am impressed by the delivery. This song is just dope and I have zero criticism for it. I didn’t even finish the song before I added it to my Spotify.

Want more?

If you are as intrigued by the series as I am head over to Fly Guy J’s YouTube page here. Listen to the song by following this link:

Lastly, follow Fly Guy J on instagram here: @therealflyguyj  and Flamo: @2good4now

If you have any contributions to the hip hop music scene send submissions over to or head over to our contact page.

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