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Yo! Majesty Flex

Today we meet the ladies of Yo! Majesty as they get ready for their upcoming album set to be released in August 2020. The ladies just dropped “FLEX” earlier this year on GMEQCA/Matriarch Records.

About Yo! Majesty

A short bio about Shunda K and Jwl B provided by their agents:

“In the mid-2000s heyday of MySpace, Yo! Majesty rose quickly to digital fame in America (they played both Coachella and South by Southwest) and abroad (they signed to U.K. label Domino Records, now home to Arctic Monkeys, Hot Chip and Animal Collective). The frenetic electro-pulse and raw carnality of their 2008 debut Futuristically Speaking…Never Be Afraid felt fresh and inspired at the time (and in many ways still does today).

The New York Times profiled Yo! Majesty alongside Santigold and Kid SisterNME hailed them as one of America’s best new acts; Spin wrote them up multiple times. Most profiles mentioned a few well-trod talking points: They were lesbians, they rapped explicitly about sex and more broadly about God, and their live shows were wild affairs that occasionally saw Jwl stripping off her top.

Now, with the upcoming release of YO! MAJESTY’s sophomore EP “Return Of The Matriarch”, they will be sure to capture the rest of the world… Mature lyrics and realness is what we know Yo! Majesty for and best believe they keep it real… “Too real”, says Shunda K. The EP will be an independent release and available for download and exclusive physical copies will be sold on the group’s upcoming world tour.”

Thoughts on FLEX

The song is surprising. The ladies are melodic with their delivery but still kill the rap. They have masterful lyricism and high energy. They are up with current pop culture which is always a plus for those new hip hop listeners.

The video has an old school, “low budget”effect which is different than the current trends. It gives for a more relatable and down to earth vibe. It is vibrant and fun, showcasing the ladies talent and just having fun with the craft.

Learn More and Stay Up To Date

Yo! Majesty is killing it with their return to the scene and this is a spectacular way to get old and new fans stoked for their upcoming album

Find more info about the ladies and stay on the lookout for their upcoming album later this summer by checking out the links below.




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