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Today we have a hefty feature starting with an audio journal, docu series and music videos. Are you ready for a full fledged, deep dive into the quarantined life of SoSoon in New York. A little background on what started this creative spark. According to SoSoon “I sent a voice note of a completed song to my producer who immediately challenged me to record the project and get it out while people are still at home looking for entertaining content.” SoSoon recorded and mixed the entire project in 6 days – a 1st for the seasoned emcee.

It started out as SoSoon doing a couple of verses over beats by S.K. and King Virtue and quickly turned into the team working to be the first to release the first Covid inspired album. SoSoon also began releasing a six-part documentary titled  S.O.N.Y. in the Quarantine which follows the process behind creating the EP during a pandemic.

The EP already has some accolades under it’s belt comprising of: Tired, the lead single has received over 4,500 plays on Spotify to date, and debuted at the number 5 spot on Tidal’s Rising Hip-Hop playlist.

Thoughts on S.O.N.Y. Quarantine

  1. 3/11/20: This is all about everything that happened in the beginning of the pandemic. No toilet paper, supplies and everything getting canceled. Things were so unexpected as he explains and shit got so real so quick.

2. Only Child: This is all about how we have been doing everything virtually and about the bullshit stimulus. How are we suppose to be make money and survive with the no help we got. He also discusses being an only child and how being alone isn’t that bad. I second that. He discusses the unfair treatment of black people.

3. Fuck The Pandemic: The stir craziness of the whole situation and the excuses we used to get out like needing to go to the store but in reality just chilling with friends and smoking. The line “Leave it to trump, we gon be dead quick” is literal facts because his leadership has been non existent. He discusses a lot of hot topics and issues on all fronts during this song. It’s not all fun and games with any of the songs thus far.

4. Fcuk Bwoy: The instructional manual for being a fuck boy during a pandemic where no one can go anywhere. I love his ideas here though. Zoom sex is a thing apparently.

5. Pirates: Cops and other people become pirates in this song. At first I was confused but I gave it a second listen to understand the plan he discusses. The cops is lurking.

6. December: All the rules put in place during the lock down and how if we don’t get shit together we gon be locked up until December. Which I completely agree with. We’re almost in September and shit still isn’t letting up. Wash your hands and wear your mask for fucks sake people.

7. Tired (album version): He just talks to us for a few minutes. He talks about the disproportionate issues Black people face on a daily. He then raps about some of these issues and just how tired Black people are of the way this country is set up. I think we’re all tired of seeing the racist shit in the world and how we are constantly told to just deal with it. This was powerful.

8. Tired: Here the song is again but a shorter version without the end speech.

His 1st two music videos 3/11/20 and Fuck the Pandemic can be found on YouTube but you can also check them out and our thoughts below.

Home videos during this pandemic have been interesting to say the least. We’ve all had to get creative during this time. His mini music video has various locations through out his house and even multiple outfit changes. Can’t wait to see the official video once we can all go outside.

Knock Knock mofo it’s time to get into some shit. He gets supplies delivered to go outside. Strap up with three masks to go out into the world. This video is fun and true as fuck. He doesn’t make it outside but he tried. He just ends up getting shit faced at home.

SoSoon is a charismatic, funny artist who integrates important messages into his music. The project truly encompassed what happened and for many is still happening during the germ that paralyzed the world.

More About SoSoon

Bio (provided by his team):
SoSoon, an acronym for Sound OSomething Out ONothing is a New York born emcee, producer, fashionisto, and occasional filmmaker. His conceptual storytelling style captures the sound of New York’s working class. 

Notable Accolades:
*His music is featured in the movie American Trial: The Eric Garner Story which aired on Reelz Television in June of 2020. 
*SoSoon made his debut television appearance as part of a documentary called Fatherhood which aired on Fuse Tv in 2019. 


Email manager James Gantt at: for all press related inquiries 

Instagram: @SoSoon | Twitter: @SoSoonish | Electronic Press Kit 

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