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Calm_Pandemic Freestyle

Let’s head over to Lafayette, La and meet Calm, the Futurist.  He is well known for his cutting-edge lyrics and musical content. His latest music video was born from restlessness and frustration which we have all experienced at some point during this pandemic. This video should truly show his creativity since during lock down you have to get extra creative with your craft.

About Pandemic Freestyle

The gritty, color-filled music video captures Calm smiling and laughing, cutting up with his friends rolling dice, playfully posing as a drug dealer but actually serving dime bags of candy as he promenades the lonely streets of Downtown Lafayette, Louisiana.

“Pandemic Freestyle” is a song by Calm, the Futurist recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic, featuring an energetic beat by CamT1k and Robb2B with nonstop bars from Calm. Calm talks his talk – pontificating everything from money to girls to his elevation in the game – on this must-listen, must-watch track.

Video shot by Robert Barnes, with creative direction by Cameron Jackson and Ethan Dupont.

*Description provided by Calm’s team*

Thoughts on the Video and Song

The video starts out grim with empty streets and one lonesome kid riding his bike through an intersection. Calm makes his first ‘drug deal’ of the night in front of the corner store or bodega (whichever term you use). Calm is moving that candy like there’s no tomorrow. At the end we get some behind the scenes footage which is a lot of fun to see. It’s a vibe chillin with the homies. I feel like I want to hang with this squad one day.

The song is a freestyle and Calm delivers the heat. He talks about different things like money, clothes, models, his career path, sports etc. It’s a dope song with great visuals regardless of the pandemic. He did his thing. I also appreciated the diversity in the cast in the video.


Go check out “Pandemic Freestyle” on all platforms here:


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