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Suman, ‘Crazy Over You’

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Suman is the London vocal star who is leading the way for female hip hop in the UK. Furthermore, she smashes it on her new release ‘Crazy Over You’ and choosing to work with producer; Ayo Beatz is paying off tenfold.

The track starts with a vocal sample which even the accurate of ears will
struggle to understand. But, who cares? It sounds excellent and follows a similar pattern to a lot of the modern hip hop tracks gracing the airwaves. From the intro, a stellar electronic steel drum sound appears, and it strikes deep with a low and mesmerizing character. This sound keeps playing for most of the track, and it is the leading instrumental hook, it sounds exquisite.

Once we are into the verse, all the guns are blazing. Suman unleashes a powerful vocal which grips instantly. She mixes soft and hard vocals to make for an upfront and in your face vocal, which is inspiring. She sounds radiant, and it could be her best delivery yet.

‘Crazy Over You’ expresses what it says on the tin. Lyrically, Suman explains how she is madly in love. So much so she is in a frenzy with her lyricism hitting home with genuine honesty. However, I believe more backing harmonies could be present in the mix. It feels as though something is missing in the background of the record and a harmonic vocal echoing out behind her vocal could have added even more awe.

Musically, this new track is exciting. It carries a hip hop vibe which any would expect from Suman. But, she fuses a dance hall aura which gives it a strong eastern influence.

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