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Lucid Phase Roots Enterprise feat Sensi Trails

Los Angeles always brings us a wide range of music and today we meet Lucid Phase and their locomotive themed song Roots Enterprise featuring Sensi Trials. This song mixes reggae and ska and is truly a perfect song and concept.

About Lucid Phase

Based in Los Angeles, California, Lucid Phase is made up of members: Garret Laver (Lead Vocals), Cyrus Maleki (Lead Guitar), and Jacob Flack (Percussion). The trio met in Savannah, Georgia during college where they attended Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). Cyrus and Jacob both majored in Sound Design while Garret in Film & Television. After college, they eventually began creating music and spending time in the recording studio in Los Angeles, California which sparked the creation of the band, Lucid Phase. Their self produced sound consists of roots reggae, dub, and blues with influences spanning artists across the globe including instrumentation such as guitar, bass, keys, drums, bongos, percussion instruments, trombone, saxophone, violin, and recorded sounds from the jungles of Costa Rica all mixed and mastered into sonic bliss.

*Bio provided by Lucid Phase*

Lucid Phase

About Roots Enterprise

“Roots Enterprise came together with the thought of combining the upbeat sounds of ska with the psychedelic breakdowns of jam and roots reggae music. The lyrics paint a colorful picture of a roaring locomotive full of people, places, and sounds. The idea sparked during a late-night session to develop a mode of transportation to symbolize the energetic & free-spirited nature of our music. With the lyrics in place, we were then able to develop a composition that drives home the sounds you may hear on the railroad through our instrumentation.” – Garret Laver (Lead Singer – Lucid Phase)

Sensi Trails

Thoughts on Roots Enterprise

The video is so trippy and chill just like the song. We take literal journey on the Roots Enterprise with both the song and video. Everyone is welcome and it is good vibes all around. The song just makes you happy and carefree and there is nothing better than feeling that from a song. The psychedelics and reggae vibes mesh perfectly together add in the smooth lyrical delivery and you are sent on a magical trip. Can I get a ticket on this train?

Want More?

Everything is live on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Tidal, YouTube and many more. Check the links below to get the song:

Live Music Video Link:
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You can follow Sensi Trails here: @sensitrailsmusic  and Lucid Phase here: @lucidphasemusic and get more info here:

Song Info

Title: Roots Enterprise (feat. Sensi Trails)

Artist: Lucid Phase

Lead Vocals: Garret Laver

Background Vocals and Percussion: Jacob FlackLead

Guitar: Cyrus Maleki

Single Art: Instagram @nostradames_

Recorded / Mixed At: The Dub Room Recording Studio, West Hollywood

Mastered by: Chris Gehringer

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