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Village Hate Society Crash Dummies

Let’s head over to where things are said to be bigger to meet Texas Hip Hop group Village Hare Society (VHS) and check out their single “Crash Dummies”. The group consists of Jorge, Thadd, Franklin and Renzo. The single was released through Americano Label.

VHS describes “Crash Dummies” in a direct quote, “We built this track and its video from the ground up to be one of our best bangers to date. Like we do with every new track, we wanted to hit a different sound and style than we have done before, and we achieved that entirely ourselves. This is a trunk-knocker, make sure to turn it up loud in the car for the full experience.” 

Thoughts on Crash Dummies

So let’s get right into the track and see if it as described by VHS.

The track has a grand beginning feeling and then the beat drops and everything changes. It has a gritty vibe during the first verse. The verse sets us up for the theme of the song. It’s all about being up next and things that have to be done in order to being next. Verse two takes us on a different lyrical delivery which I enjoyed. He acknowledges the flow switch and stays on theme with WTF he gotta do to make it. I definitely want to do some head banging while listening to this song. I like the contrasts during the chorus of what I want and what I got. Third verse was split into two different lyrical delivery styles. It’s all about loyalty and making your mark.

Want More?

VHS is in a lane of their own and they are completely owning it. Each member brings their own flow and technique to their music. They have all found a way to make their sounds work together to provide a one of a kind sound. If you want to hear more and follow their journey check out their social media pages below:

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