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Circles Justin Arrington

Heading over to Los Angeles for some Pop and R&B sounds we meet Justin Arrington. It is said that he has combined Stevie B and Ne-Yo sounds into his own. Both are some of my favs so I know exactly what they mean by this. Justin also draws inspiration from Michael Jackson, Usher, Justin Timberlake, and Brian McKnight. Today he brings us Circles with Bow Wow doing an introduction to the emerging artist. So let’s get right to it and see what Justin has to offer.


I was slightly disappointed by Bow Wow’s intro. It was just a cosign for Justin and I’m not sure it did anything for the song. Justin has a beautiful R&B voice. I can absolutely see the Ne-Yo and Usher influences throughout the music video and song. I thoroughly enjoyed the song and added it my personal songs. I can relate to the message, “I know we can’t be friends cuz you know I know it’s obvious” The video was very colorful and Justin shows us he has some dance skills. Justin does have some sex appeal with those looks he was serving.

You can stream the song by following this link:

Want More?

It’s rare that I’m impressed enough to add a song to my music and Justin did that for me on the first play. The more I heard the song the more I liked it. I’m already singing it out loud. The 90’s R&B vibes are there and Justin executes his sound perfectly. I will definitely be following his journey. You can follow Justin Arrington’s journey by following these links





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