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Danger Smokey Smothers

Today we head over to Wisconsin to meet artist and producer Smokey Smothers who brings us her new song and video “Danger”. This is the thirds single from her project “Live From Ya Mom’s Crib” The song is described as having a Midwest flow coupled with 808’s and a dark piano that were created by Dizzyboy Beatz. Interestingly Smokey Smothers is also the director and editor for the video.

Thoughts on Danger

The dark piano begins immediately and we transcend into another dimension of dark and twisty. Smokey immediately begins to deliver hardcore lyrics with precision. The piano throughout adds an eerie but hard feel to the song. Smokey is not the one to mess with and she is making sure you know that. She sounds like me when I warn people, “Playing games I am not the one, see me in the stress better run.” This entire song might be my anthem because I can relate on a deep level to what Smokey is talking about. It’s not all dark however as she discusses her childhood friends and how they will ride for each other. My favorite line has to be, “Better find a hobby or I might have to catch a motherfucking body.”

The video gives me Candyman vibes as this is one of the movies I grew up on. The video is dark and her mannerisms match perfectly to her lyrical content. With each watch through I was able to see more and more of the imagery and truly be engulfed into the music and Smokey’s aesthetic. I will say that although I enjoyed this aesthetic it may not be for everyone. I’m a fan of the dark stuff including the tarot cards and if that is not your vibe then you should stick to just streaming the music.

Want More?

Smokey has such a unique style and flow and I have become such a fan. Smokey is not only dangerous in real life but in her music and you all need to watch out because she is coming to change up the scene. If you enjoyed her as much as I did check out the following links for more.  

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