Artist Promotion

Karras Veils

Today we head over to the Mdwest to meet rapper Karras. He brings us Veils which is meant to be a hypnotic, heady hip-hop track. He has been releasing new singles each month since the drop of his debut album ‘Karrasmatic”

Thoughts on Veils

The song is very smooth and has an intergalactic vibe. His delivery reminds me of something I’ve heard before but can’t quit put my finger on. But even so he is different than the mainstream rappers that have been coming up as of late. He focuses on what’s on the other side and how we are so far removed from it. if we would connect on a higher plane we might be able to see the world for what it truly is.

You can find the song currently on Spotify and Soundcloud with these links:

Soundcloud –
Spotify –

Karras wants us to close those eyes and fade away. We have to stop holding on top broken things and open up to the world around us and on the spiritual realm.

Want More Karras?

Karras is a unique artist with a niche target market. His production value is high and his lyrics are on point. he is a spiritual, conscious rapper.

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