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The Journey Podcast 3: Rune Will

Hip-hop artist, producer, songwriter, graphic designer and indie label owner. Rune Will is a vibe of his own whether it be high energy or chill cause either way it’s straight heat. With radio singles “Caine Flow”, “MotorSkills” and “LHS” burning up airways in multiple cities showcasing his versatility as a producer and songwriter. Rune’s latest single “Night Cap” is a mix of modern soul, jazz and hip-hop taking him back to his musical roots with a project titled “High Sole” following.  


    Growing up in Chicago immersed in music with a jazz lover as a father, underground funk & hip-hop Dj as an uncle and an expert on soul and funk as a grandfather Rune being an artist was inevitable. Having multiple instruments in the home he grew up a musically inclined child playing the violin in the orchestra and drums by ear in band, dabbling with piano and guitar. When it came to songwriting Rune’s pivotal influences and inspiration came from Linkin Park, Ludacris, and Eminem. This all culminates producing a flare of lyrical poise, melodic awareness and outside of the box production  that just draws you into his musical world.


     Through the production company and label “Beat Council” that he runs with partners Ryan Schultz, Kiondre Graham, Hollice McNeely and the late Roberto Torres they created a music platform for artists and producers to build a foundation into the industry. BC artists Obadiah, Armon Wilkes, Tommy Conquest, Erick Dayz and Jas Jutley all add to the dynamic of musicality and brilliance that follows Rune Will. 

This time around, the start of the interview was much more laid back and energetic. They immediately started talking about Rune Will’s music and his process with his latest project. They also discuss how difficult it can be to stay with the plan and not release the moment a song is finished. Rune Will also talks about his experience with T-Pain. My favorite part is when he discussed his experiences in Milwaukee and in Chicago. I like that Josiah asks about guests’ favorite local and industry artists. This is different than many other interviews you see. Rune also discusses some sound advice for all artists and creatives.

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