The Journey Podcast

The Journey Project Podcast (Ep. 5) (ft. Q FullCircle From The South Carolina Rap Battle Verses)

Small group with large ventures.. We accomplish co-involvement between gangs and clicks by way of energetic music. Point of view is one’s own placemnt.
Producer, singer-song writer, beat maker, artist developer, lyricist.. Opening minds by opening doors to the soul.. “just cause I made it structured.. don’t mean it ain’t meditation” ~ Fah Q Fullcircle 

In this episode, we meet with Q FullCircle. They discuss where he got his name from and the significance of the letter Q and a witty anecdote. The two also discuss gangs and the community. Q Fullcircle is a battle rapper in South Carolina. Music has significantly impacted his life, especially after his parents passed. There is also a beef that we get to learn about and how it escalated through social media. We also learn about his approach to battle rapping and how he gets his material on his opponents.

Battle rapping does not get the recognition it deserves and it is truly an art form. Josiah and Q FullCircle have shed a light on the artistry through this interview. Of course, Q discusses his favorite artists and battle rappers. They also touch base on his musical producing skills. My favorite aspect of this interview is how laid back Q is in his home and in his demeanor. Q leaves us with some sound advice for all up and coming artists.


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