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The Journey Project Podcast Episode 7 (feat. C3 The Prince)

The musical styles of rap and hip hop are being presented in a new light by upcoming artist C3 The Prince in his exquisite soundscape. He recently released the single, ‘Make It happen’ which shows tremendous production potential. Creating a mellifluous scope of lyrical and thematic verses, he has utilized various rhythmic insertions and patterns to pave the way for an immersive experience for his audiences. The song is produced by Josiah Tha Prince with whom he has collaborated many times and also co-founded THE ELITE RECORDS record label. The alliance resulted in a hip hop resurgence through the song that will further enable the artist to take up new challenges. The artist is prolific and dynamic in his creative goals as he sets his vision to release hot new singles.

Artist C3 The Prince hails from Kenosha, Wisconsin, and is also associated with the JOSIAHBEATZ PRODUCTION label. His experience in the music scene spans over 10 years and now, he is ready to sweep his audiences off their feet with his solo venture. The song ‘Make It happen’ is just a glimpse into the upcoming stream of musical expertise that his fans are waiting for with bated breath. His other song, ’Cold Summer Challenge’ also conceptualizes his exclusive sound through captivating lyrics. His music has been playing on numerous audio sharing platforms and radio stations around the United States. With a sound that is versatile and melodic with quality production touch, he has a long way to go in his career. Follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for more information about his latest releases.

Thoughts on the interview

Laid back vibes all throughout. C3 got his name way back in the day and has been rapping since he was 7 but got serious in high school. It is safe to say, C3 has been in the game for quite some time. Josiah compares C3 to Wayne as far as flow and musical talent. He likes to have fun with his music but also makes songs that come from the heart. He attributes his star power to his grandma since she always told him he was the best, which is exactly what he strives to be in all aspects.

C3 the Prince’s writing process includes smoking weed and living with the beat until he catches a vibe. He writes all his raps and does not focus on freestyle. He wants to put thought into his lyrics and take every aspect of the beat. As with every interview, we learn who his top three local and five all-time artists are, which is always interesting to see. His drive to make music comes from his kids and his girl. His biggest supporters are his family; he truly enjoys it when he hears others spit his songs back to him.

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