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Keep it a Ben by Myah Storm

Today we have an exclusive midnight release from Myah Storm. Coming from Chicago she brings us her latest single with the visual accompaniment. Myah has been honing her skills over the years to bless us with some heat. Keep It A Ben is the first single off her upcoming project. Myah has been consistent with the promotion leading up to this release, raising the hype and putting in the leg work to ensure everyone knows what’s coming. If you’ve never heard the phrase Keep It A Ben, check out the Urban Dictionary definition. She has a lot in store for the future so stay tuned. For now, let’s get into the song and video for Keep It A Ben.

Thoughts on the song and video

Let’s talk about how Myah Storm lives up to her name. She wasted no time bringing us into the storm of her lyricism, flawless cadence, and flow. She asks for forgiveness to start the track because she knows she’s about to sin. Like the old saying, “better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission.” Now let’s get into the deviousness with Myah. First, she wants to remind us what a baddie she is, and the only way to touch her is if you bae. She is slick with her lyrics and has several one liners that get the point across. Let’s see if you can pick up on these one liners. If you did, what was your favorite?

She also isn’t scared to plot on you if you got what she wants. Don’t you hit her line if you ain’t talking about working. Myah only runs with bad bitches, as she should. I just want to know if I can be part of her devious little crew. When it comes to my favorite line from the song, it would have to be, ” You know I get it bussin on your favorite publication.” Pretty sure you can guess why that line is a standout for me. I mean, come on, I am your favorite publication. I hate to do it, but we keep it ben in Mellsville. There is one phone sound effect in the second half of the song. I wish it would have been placed with the line about only calling if you are talking about work. Aside from that nothing else I would change or criticize. What do you think?

Now let’s get into the music video. Ok, so who told Myah to go this hard for this video?? The lighting, shots, editing, and energy are always on high. It seems that Myah is having a little getty with the girls to count this money and remind bitches who she is. I love how her delivery is on point with the changes in the beat. She can slow it down or speed it up with the beat. If you pay attention, you’ll notice subtle sounds after certain lines and other not-so-subtle sounds. The opening shot is perfection, with Myah Storm praying before we get into it. When she walks out of the elevator, her walk and energy show you that she runs this rap game.

You can tell she had fun when filming this video. Myah is also a professional at giving looks. She can give you sexy, happy, and gritty with slight changes in her facial expressions. Myah is the true definition of a versatile, full-package artist. If you have been listening to her for some time, you can see the growth from Boost Me Up and Rotation to Keep It A Ben.

Want more Myah Storm?

If you enjoyed the track as much as we did then you have to stay tuned to what Myah Storm has in store. She will be dropping more music soon. To follow her journey check her out on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. For all of her music you can find her on Spotify. Also stay tuned for an upcoming interview with Myah Storm and Melly Starz.

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