Artist Interviews

Here you will find some of the hidden gems in the underground industry. It is not just music artists, but graphic designers, other journalists, painters, producers and so many others. I feel that the world needs to see some of the amazing talent in the world.

Artist Interviews

The Lost Artist: An artist spreading a message

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TLA (The Lost Artist) was born and raised in Carol City. When he was growing up he did not want to be an artist because he didn’t think you could make a living off of it. After graduating High school he was still a little confused about what he wanted to do with art until his mom had a heart to heart that would change his life forever. She told him with tears streaming down her face, to follow his dreams so he wouldn’t wake up every morning miserable like her. After this he started to meet with other artist and came to the realization that he could take his family out of poverty and mostly take his mother out of her inner turmoil. During his continued education he met an artist by the name of Brandon Dudley.  Brandon then introduced TLA to his future mentor GG. His mentor has taught him more than he had learned in school. He taught him the ropes as well as the dos and don’ts of the industry.  Throughout his mentorship he picked up on GG’s artistic abilities and his work started to resemble GG’s.
He found his own style one day in his room; he decided to make a collage and paint over it. He then began showing it to people and for the first time people started to see TLA in the artwork and not GG. TLA draws inspiration from social problems, people, hip-hop culture, and music. Some artists he is inspired by are GG, Typo, Justin Bua, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. 
In a matter of six months TLA has been able to do more than some artist have been able to in over ten years. Out of 80 artists 8 were chosen to be a part of the Pop-up Pianos Miami and TLA was one of them. He has also done Photoshop for Raider Klan. He also gave ODD future a painting and because of that he met Denzel Curry, whom he then did a photo shoot with months later. He has also been in two public instalions at Surfside and Midtown. He has been commissioned a piece from Surfside. TLA has a custom table shown on Miami Newtown’s Magazine displayed in the Wynwood Cigar Factory.  He collaborated with Deltoro Shoes for the opening of the Art BaselCritique. After Basel he noticed how his work could improve and is going to start working on conceptual urban artwork. He has done several showcases with Stephen Gamson, Jngol, Ruben Ubiera, GG, and Alex Yanes.

TLA is currently working on a skateboard with the company Simple Skateboards. He is also working o the upcoming Cashis Stone album that should be dropping sometime in the early summer. In the future, he would like to get more shows and get a studio space in Miami. He also has a few collaborations in the works and is going to curate his own show in the spring. He is also working on a piece for Locks of Love for one of their upcoming events.
TLA says, “My paint brush and my spray cans are my mic and my mixer. Two different worlds but with the same goals to spread the message. The message is the truth.“

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 Instagram: @ALLHAILTLA

Artist Interviews

T-Free: A Hip-hop Fashion Mogul


T-Freeloves music and fashion and those are the two areas of the entertainment industry where he is focusing his talents. T-Free started rapping in middle school in 7th grade. His friends started to notice he had talent and made sure he knew. He then started to build on his newfound talent and started to notice that he loved it.  His stage name also came from his friends. It is a combination of his name. He wanted his stage name to encompass his name and fit his persona. His clothing line is a separate entity from his musical endeavors. T-Free always wanted to own a business but never knew in what field. One day he was sitting there thinking and he realized he had a big interest in fashion. He then started creating shirts and a name for the company. T-Free creates most of the designs himself and has been establishing his company. The company name is Macaw Bayz.
T-Free draws inspiration from everyday life such as movies, quotes or things that he sees somewhere. He also draws inspiration from other entertainment and other artists. Some artists that he is inspired by include Kendrick Lamar, Lupe Fiasco, Drake, Wale, Lil Wayne, Currency, A Tribe Called Quest, Big K.R.I.T. and Wiz Khalifa.  His genre of music would be mainly hip-hop but also some songs that have a pop feel to them.
Aside from his growing clothing line, T-Free currently has a collab mix tape out with Fresco. He also has a solo mix tape in the works. In the future he sees himself continuing to do music and become a successful artist with a much bigger fan base. He would also like to have a more established clothing line in stores. In the future he would also like to travel a lot in order to see the world.  Wherever the road may take him, he will always continue to expand his clothing line and music.
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Prince Hakeem: A Producing Engineer

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As we all know it takes more than just an artist to make a hit. There is so much talent behind the scenes and sometimes they don’t get as much credit as the artist.  Prince Hakeem is a self-taught producer and engineer but you would never be able to tell by the diversity and unique sound that he delivers. He has been doing music for 8 years. Growing up he wanted to be a brain surgeon until one day his uncle introduced him to Fruity Loops. He was intrigued by the program and was immediately hooked.
Prince Hakeem graduated from Flannigan High School in 2009 and then continued his education in Audio Production at the Art Institute of Miami.  He was unable to finish but is currently attending Broward College and will then transfer to Full Sail for his Bachelor’s in Recording Arts.
What is interesting and a little different is his stage names. He has two stage names, Prince Hakeem of course and Frank Love. He compares his situation to that of T.I vs. T.I.P. They are his two alter egos. Prince Hakeem came from one of his middle names. His older brother Ph-Lobby gave him the name one day when they were watching Coming to America. Frank Love is his more loving side. Frank Love is a photographer and a lover.
Prince Hakeem draws his producing inspirations from Prince, Swizz beats, Ryan Leslie, Arab Music, Kanye West and Dr. Dre.  There are a wide range of genres he produces including Reggae, R&B, Hip—hop, Dub Step and is starting to work on electronic music. The types of music that Prince Hakeem listens to are classical, R&B, old school hip-hop, dub step and of course reggae.  His favorite rappers include Jay-z, Nas, Tupac, Biggie, Eminem, Rakim, Eric b, J-ColeCyhi da Prince, Common, Fabulous, Kendrick Lamar, Asap Rocky and A Tribe called Quest. Some R&B singers he listens to are Al b sure, Al green, Andre 3000, Darnel Jones, Erykah Badu, IsleyBrothers, Mary J. Blige, Musiq Souldchild, Sade, and Robin Thicke.
He currently owns and works in a studio in Pembroke Pines, FL. Since he does own his own studio he has several artists he is working with. He is currently working with Ph-Lobby, Avery Futuristic, Young Shadow and Tim the Toolman Taylor on their mix tapes. Aside from music Prince Hakeem is also a photographer and is starting to dabble in videography. He has some current film projects in the work, which include Duffle Bag and a Basketball documentary with Ryan Moore. He is also working with Melly Starz on YouTube shorts. With all his talents and interests you may be wondering what he uses to get things done. The current programs he is using are CS5, Motion, Fruity LoopsStudio (FL Studios), Logic pro, Mainstage, Soundtrack Pro and Pro Tools.
Prince Hakeem eats, breaths and dreams music. He will stay up all night just working on music and learning new things. This is true dedication. In the future his ultimate goal is to own his own company named Thinking Cap Entertainment alongside his brother Ph-Lobby. Their company will include t-shirts, graphics, film, photography, and of course music. He also wants to finish school. He would eventually like to get married and hopes to have four kids with two dogs. That however is in the far future since his main focus right now is finishing school and getting his company off the ground.

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Young Shadow: A Truth Spitting Performer

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At the tender age of 8 Young Shadow fell in love with poetry. This later translated into his love of music. He always had an interest in rap but it was never in the forefront of his endeavors. It wasn’t until his brother went to prison that Young Shadow became inspired to really pursue rap. He wanted an outlet for his brother and a way to help support his family. Another thing that his brother had a hand in was his stage name Young Shadow. This name was his brothers originally but he has taken it and made it his own. Young Shadow’s brother of course isn’t overjoyed by it but is still supportive.

Young Shadow is a completely individual artist although he has collaborated with other artists. He is currently working on a joint mix tape with Avery Futuristic titled Loyalty Allegiance. He is also working on his own mix tape titled Dark Hustle Volume 2. He says he has made enough songs to put out Volume 3 as well but he is thinking of holding off on that for a little while. He draws his musical influence from artists such as Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Lil Wayne, Trick Daddy, Nas, Lloyd Banks, Lil Boosie, Young Jeezy and Lupe Fiasco. Young Shadow is also inspired by some R&B artists including, Tyrese, Michael Jackson and Earth, Wind, and Fire. I would have to say that another inspiration that you evidently hear through his music is his pain and struggle. When I heard Dreams and Nightmares I immediately could feel the pain through his lyrics. The way Young Shadow describes himself and his music is, “I’m a party dude but I like to spit the truth.” Young Shadow has another passion, which happens to be performing. He has performed at several open mics. Even though he may always be spotlight ready he is not a battle rapper.

In the near future Young Shadow strives to be the one of the best artists out of Broward County, Florida. In the next few years he sees himself still making music whether it may be rapping, engineering, or producing. When it comes to engineering Young Shadow has only slightly dabbled in it and it is not something that entirely sparks his interest. He has never produced but it is a skill he wants to acquire. In the future he may even try out ghost writing. Overall when it comes to music he wants to know every aspect of it so that if an opportunity arises he is able to take it. In the end when it comes to his future he just wants to take care of his family and live life the right way.

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