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Wilhelm Duke “The Robber Baron”

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Wilhelm Duke releases debut project “The Robber Baron”. An old school boom bap record reminiscent of the golden era of hip hop. The 7 track record is entirely produced by Orlando Coolridge of SlumpGang777. The project is recorded, mixed, and mastered by RhymSter of Ever Evolved.

Thoughts on the project

1. Sistine Chapel: We get right into it. There was no hesitation for Wilhelm to start spitting. It had an upbeat style with relevant references.

2. The League: Again, no hesitation on the intro. I get even more of the old school boom bap on this track. Wilhelm Duke is def with the old school style and I love it. I liked the flow and delivery from both artists on this track.

3. Free PPL: He speaks on capitalism and getting money and wealth. I liked the message behind this song and how he was speaking to a girl at different points.

4. Gilded Hilt: Stick out line on this one is “A focused mind will never die.” I really liked that line. This song expressed how we need to expand our horizons including our mind. You have to listen to your heart.

5. By Design: Shots fired off bat. I agree though, these new rappers don’t respect the OGs or the game. He also talks about how fucked this life is and one my fav “conspiracies.”

6. Spirit of the 90s: Throwback to the best of times. It’s like taking a ride through a time machine. He is from my time period for sure. It resonates even more from the Chicago only references. This track is so fun and probably my favorite, feels like home.

7. Forever: Oh this track is funky. I had a hard time keeping up because of the delivery but when I could follow along it was great. This one I just had to sit back and enjoy. It was awesome and made me a fan for sure.

Overall, this was a well put together project and I really enjoyed it. It was a nice change to everything we see in the mainstream media. He definitely took me on a trip down memory lane with the references, beat and overall flow. It was not what I expected but I’m glad this project came across my desk.

About Wilhelm Duke

Wilhelm Duke is a Chicago based rapper, writer, and event curator. With roots and origins in Nebraska and Sweden. Duke moved to Chicago in 2012 to pursue a music business degree and break into the recording industry. He spent 5 years playing many shows and events as one half of the rap duo, Bombay Boyz. He also spent the last year writing articles and curating events for the Chicago collective and platform, Ever Evolved.

Wilhelm Duke on IG: @wilhelmduke

Twitter: @wilhelmduke7

SoundCloud: wilhelmduke

YouTube: Wilhelm Duke

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Trizz Hell's Kitchen

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Prolific Inland Empire/LA based MC and underground legend Trizz is back on Tommy Boy with his latest single, “Hell’s Kitchen”, featuring Cal-E-Clipz and fellow label mate Jaeo Draftpick.  Since first being discovered by Sacramento veteran Brotha Lynch Hung, Trizz has gone on to develop a remarkable independent catalog, racking up tens of millions of streams and building a devoted fanbase.  With over 12 albums under his belt and having toured the US and UK with artists like Tech N9ne, Cunninlynguists, Brotha Lynch Hung, Rittz and Audio Push, Trizz continues to be one of the most consistent MC’s in the game and his latest offering is further proof of his undeniable talent, knack for lyricism and never-duplicated swag.

What we thought of the track

Lyricism seems to be back in style with Trizz’s latest track. I got goosebumps listening to track. The beat is sick but the lyrics are even sicker. I am definitely looking forward to more from Trizz. His lyrics are gritty and real and connect with listeners.

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Revol Humble Beginnings

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Revol Offers LA-Inspired Vibes on Debut EP‘Humble Beginnings’  

Press Release: Provided by Revol Management

They ask me why I do it, I say for the bag.


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Repping New Jersey while out in LA, gifted rapper Revol’s work shines in its ability to stay relevant, versatile and true to self, while laying down potent bars Hip Hop heads everywhere can appreciate. His debut EP, ‘Humble Beginnings’ is no different. Coming with hard-hitting production and plenty of potent lyricism, listen as the budding MC touches on life, love and going down as one of the greatest to ever do it.

Humble Beginnings’intro track, “No Sleep” sets the tone for the rest of the 4 track independent release as Revol pours out vivid lines and vibes, giving listeners a firsthand view into his mind. Whether he’s laying down resonate lyrics, crafting intricate rhyme schemes or effortlessly riding the beat, Revol‘s confidence and pen game is immediately apparent as soon as play is pressed. Where most artists shy away from speaking their truth in favor of clout chasing and padding their pockets, Revol stays true to self, attacking every track with passion and skill reserved for only the most skilled emcees.

Citing influences such as Rakim2PacEminem and Lloyd Banks, Revol is well on his way to the top of the game with an unwavering commitment to excellence and professionalism unparalleled. In an industry where artists play follow the leader, offering nothing new to the game, Revol comes through like a breath of fresh air. No gimmicks. No clout chasing. No mumble. Just real raps that make you want to get in your bag. Check for ‘Humble Beginnings’ and get a glimpse of Hip Hop’s next game changer: Revol.

Thoughts on ‘Humble Beginnings’

1. No Sleep: The beat begins quite ominous and Revol comes in hard. He has a tough raspy voice. I immediately see the Eminem inspiration. Love the message behind the song. We are all on team No Sleep to grind and work on our dreams. I think this song is a hit and is a great way to introduce us to his EP.

2. Beg Ya Pardon: This song is a bit more hype and less ominous. It’s more lighthearted with the chorus and some of the lyrics. Such as mimosas, never being sober and the Sega cartridges. Love the Sega references, I can tell we are in a similar age range. Aside from the fun, he of course, speaks on the game and being a star.

3. Bad Girl: This song is meant for the ladies for sure. Whomever he is speaking about is one of a kind. This might be my favorite track off the EP because it makes me want to dance and makes me feel like a bad bitch. This is one of those songs you listen to while getting ready with your girls for a night out.

4. Clockwork: The beat sounds super trippy in the beginning. Revol starts spitting with high energy and talks about getting the bag like clockwork. I love the analogy. The addition of the ticking sounds on the beat really drive the point across. Revol uses a lot of metaphors throughout the song. He talks about his talent and uses various witty comparisons to prove his point.

Overall, the ep is very well done and I cannot wait to see more from Revol. This is a great introduction to showcase his various talents.

About Revol

New Jersey born rapper Revol fuses bold technical ability with a playfully aggressive carefree style and versatile flow. Inspired by the passion and creativity of Rakim, 2pac, Eminem and Lloyd Banks, this MC started writing and recording at 13 eventually releasing mixtapes showcasing his expressive bars, punchlines and Boom Bap influence.

Revol emerged in LA with his first single, (“I Get It”) soon followed by (“All I Know”), (“Time Freestyle”), and his debut EP “Humble Beginnings” released in Summer of 2019. While steadily performing, he is merging into his own and quickly building a name for himself in Hip Hop.

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LIL Guillotine You Only Get one

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Lil Guillotine, who has been making hip hop music for nearly two years, has over ten years of experience doing anti-capitalist organizing. “You Only Get One” is yet another tactic in his goal of effecting positive social change via movement building. He has also helped start a tenant union, co-founded a bail fund, helped stop the building of a new jail in Madison, WI, helped organize incarcerated workers and stays politically engaged in the life pulse of the community.    His new song against the system, “You Only Get One,” was written leading up to the September 20 Climate strike as music for the movement. Take a listen to it here. 

Our Thoughts on the Song

The song is on the shorter side at only a minute and 40 seconds. The beat has a great start to it. I had a hard time understanding the first couple of lines. But once I was able to understand the other lyrics I got the message. It was short and sweet and to the point for sure. As much as I support the message I feel like something was missing even after jamming to it for a week. What did you guys think of the song? Am I wrong in thinking it was missing a little something? Let us know in the comments below.

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