100 People Project: Back to School Event


This week, as part of the growing effort of my cohost DJ LX and I, our show The HeatMix Life helped sponsor the back to school event from the 100 People Project. Some of the other sponsors included Florida Career College who provided the event space, Chef Odle (@ChefOdle) who provided the delicious food, and My Party Supplier (@mypartysupplier) who provided the bounce house.

The event took place on July 27th in Margate, FL and was meant to provide school supplies for students and teachers going into the new school year. The turnout was great and many students will begin the school year with all the supplies they need for a successful school year. Good luck with the upcoming school year.


Sushi Sake Thursdays

You could hear the music and laughter from the moment you pulled up. Once you walk in the experience really begins. Every table is filled with cheerful conversations and bodies moving in their seat to the music. The entire vibe is exhilarating. I’m seated at my table after no wait and I am immediately brought complimentary Sake. They had quite a few choices but I tried Peach and later on Guava.  The staff were very friendly and attentive throughtout the entire night. You could tell they truly enjoyed being there. What sets this night apart from any others is they bring in a live DJ, DJ Alex S to be exact. He played such a wide array of music which was sure to accommodate everyone’s musical inclinations. I truly enjoyed my night and I advise all of you to give it a shot. 

The food, service and environment were the perfect mix to spice up what would have been a boring Thursday night.